Rant time:

Ok. So this rant has been one coming for a while now. I’m sorry, I know I’m about to piss some people off, but I really want to say whats on my mind. People are upset over the empire state building showing pictures of animals that are going extinct and not supporting other movements. I want to say a couple of things here… First off: If animals die off or become extinct it could wreck havoc on ecosystem and our lives…

Next: I get the movement “Black Lives Matter” and I agree that they do matter… However I am getting a little tired of reading “Black Lives Matter”, “Blue Lives Matter”…etc… The movement should simply be called: “LIVES MATTER”. Point and blank. It does NOT matter if that life is of someone who is Dark Skinned, Olived Skin, Pale Skin, or any other color… It does NOT matter if they are a Cop, Firefighter, Nurse, Doctor, Teacher, Student, or any other occupation or even a lack of one. It does NOT matter if that is the life of an Animal that is endangered, or a plant, or even a bug. ALL LIFE MATTERS. So lets start a new movement – For those who want equality for all and want to take race, occupation, or species, OUT OF THE EQUATION – Lets start the “‪#‎AllLivesMatter‬

Thats the end of my rant. Thanks.

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Random Update

So hey everyone! Its been a while since I posted an update. So here is a quick run down of whats happened in the last couple months:

* In April I stopped working for/with Curse

* In October I did my actual wedding ceremony on my 1st year anniversary

I know that doesn’t seem like a whole lot, but trust me when I say that it was a lot. There was a lot of planning and many things to get done. After April I started playing D&D with some local friends and doing some freelance work. I am still looking for work remotely, but only so much I can do. I have been gaming again, at least a bit (Plus streaming), but I differently need to find more freelance work to do or a remote job that I can do.

Lets see – I have been married for over a year now and he makes me happy. I turned 25 this year and my husband was really sweet on my birthday. I got a new headset (Skullcandy – Its very nice – though there is still more I’d like to see it be able to do), we went out to eat and then to the movies. So it was a really nice birthday. We also got a new tv for the bedroom (A smart tv – Though we had to exchange it, cause it wasn’t working properly). It was fun thought.

I cooked Thanksgiving dinner, while trying to do Christmas shopping. Cooking the turkey in an electric oven was much different then cooking it in a gas oven. Lol ~ So that turned out kind of messed up.. With that, I’m not sure what else to post at the moment so take care all! ❤

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Say NO To Turtle Beach

Say No to Turtle Beach
(Disclaimer: Please note that this rant is my personal opinion based on my experience and does not reflect that of any company, party or persons I work with it, in any way, shape or form.)

Hello readers! Today marks the first time I am writing a blog for the new year. It also marks the first blog in a while and the first rant blog of the year. This rant blog is about Turtle Beach and their products….or as I like to fondly call them right now, Turtle B*tch. So here are 10 reasons to not get their products:

Number 10:
Their products look cool in the box but are NEVER half as cool out of the box.

Number 9:
Design. I guess this one is kind of tied in with #10, but basically their design sucks. Once again, they look like they tried to do something cool and then lost it. Not to mention, its not that comfortable.

Number 8:
Over priced. Their products are over priced. Why pay $30+ for one of their headsets when you can pay $30+ to a better company and get a better quality headset? For that matter, go to Wal-Mart and buy a $20 Logitech headset. It will last you longer, be a better investment of money and time. Not to mention, they are a WAY better company than Turtle Beach.

Number 7:
Faulty equipment. What I mean by this, is their products don’t last long at all. By not long – I had 2 previous headsets with them, both that died within a month. I was NOT pleased with how terrible their product was.

Number 6:
Their site – Have you seen it? It is disgusting. Look at the other sites of any real headset makers for gamers….Go ahead and look. I’ll take a moment before continuing on

Welcome back! I hope you went and looked. Their site looks so unprofessional. Why should we trust our gaming experience to them? Seriously…are they this new to the internet or gamers or even the gaming industry?

Number 5:
Their offices. Ok so for those of you who haven’t dealt with a headset company, they generally have at least 2 offices. This is kind of a mark of success, that they need that many people to get a job done. IE: You call into a company like Logitech, you will get a call center or their support center. If you are having that many issues, you can demand for the corporate office number. This is a real number, to an office in another location. ~ However this is NOT the case for Turtle Beach. No no no. Their office that you call into is a small little office. It is their customer service office, technical support office and even their corporate office. They do not have another location. Now if they were a new company this would be acceptable, but they are NOT.

“Voyetra Turtle Beach

100 Summit Lake Drive, Suite 100

Valhalla, NY 10595

914-345-2255 (Main)

914-345-2266 (Fax)



That their is all their contact information. Gotta love that….Where is the number for Technical support? Where does it actually say what their support number is? No where! But if we go to Logitech:
Logitech’s Contact page wow! A real page with actual information!

Lets check out Tt eSPORTS next:
Tt eSPORTS’ Contact page ~ Another actual page that gives you a way to contact them via their website. You don’t even have to call in. Holy crap! What a concept!

Now lets check out Steelseries:
SteelSeries’ Contact page ~ OMG! A support page with options!

Where as with Turtle Beach you have their idea of a support page -.- What a joke!

Allow me to explain a bit – I am not trying to compare a start up company to one that is already established and big. In fact this really has nothing to do with their “size” or their number of offices – Except to show that their level of sales and clients is much lower than companies we already know and trust. When you combined that with their lack of a decent product and the lack of customer service, it is a recipe for disaster. Then you add in the fact that they have been around for years now – That is my point. This is unacceptable on their part.

Number 4:
Product assistance. They can’t seem to give you a good answer on how to fix whatever is wrong with your headset and try to make it sound like its your fault.

Number 3:
Customer is ALWAYS right. That is the first rule of customer service – Unless you are dealing with Turtle Beach.

Number 2:Lack of customer service. Their customer service = the ring around. They don’t get sh*t done at all! I mean its a joke. You’ll get better customer service from a monkey who knows sign language….And no, I am not joking. I am actually being dead honest and serious when I put that statement.

Number 1:
The final reason, but one of the biggest reasons why not to buy Turtle Beach!
Failure to follow up on anything! After fighting tooth and nail with them (and their customer service); They finally agreed to pay for the shipping & handling on a FAULTY product that THEY MADE. Then they sent me the following email:

Headset Received

I NEVER got the email about the tracking number. I NEVER got the headset. Now they are saying their “technical” support will try to find out what happened with the RMA and email me. Needless to say, they never sent it out and I am seriously about to place a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. To be honest, they have till 5 pm EST today (1/16/12) to get back to me with this issue being resolved (IE: They shipped it out today and do something to make up for the fact that they never sent it off in the first place) or I am not only filing a complaint…I plan to take it to the media, etc. I am a very unhappy customer. I try to be reasonable but I have wasted, and yes I am using the word wasted, close to $120 USD in their products. There was never once a good product of theirs that wasn’t faulty, there was never once a good encounter or response with customer service and there has not been good business practice on their part. They did not return the replacement product which I had already paid for. I am very mad.

So to my readers, I say to you – When you need a headset – Remember to get any headset or go anywhere; but SAY NO TO TURTLE BEACH!

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A Reflection

Today I sat down and thought about older memories. One that once made me still upset or a bit angry, from the pain I was inflicted onto me. I thought of all the times I had been hurt and all the times I had been made to smile. During this period, I also thought of all the times I fell in love or that my hear got broken. I thought of how many times I’ve cried and just how hard hard it was to let go of such things…. But that was how I use to react in the past.

Recently I have seen posts on facebook from people who I cared for at one time. Now this is not to say I don’t still care, just not in that same form or manner. Anyhow, as I saw their posts, I decided to do something stupid and silly… I clicked on their profile and checked out how their lives have been going. There are some people I feel sorry for, because things didn’t work out between us. Now I don’t feel sorry that they didn’t work out, because I am very happy with who I am, but I feel sorry that we ended up getting hurt or that one person got hurt while the other was spared. This is why I feel sorry. It is not out of pity. It is simply because as As I’ve gotten older, over the past 3 years, I have come to believe that everyone deserves happiness. Now this doesn’t mean a happiness that would hurt or harm another, but a nice kind of happiness. The one that warms a persons heart or makes you smile without realizing it. It is the kind of happiness that has the ability to make others around you happy at the same time.

I am not sure why I decided to write these thoughts down and share them with the world to read, but I figured it would be a good idea. So to all those who have ever liked me – I’m sorry if I ever hurt you. It was unintentional (unless you knew me in middle school – At which point, I am sorry I was like that back then.) To all those exes of mine, very few of you are on talking terms with me….this we all know is true. For those who are, I thank you for your friendship…It is precious and dear to me. In regards to certain exes who really hurt me, you know who you are… You may have hurt me then, but those wounds have healed thanks to an amazing guy. One person I dated, hurt me worse than any of the others…I thought his pain would control my life and how I was going to live it, but thanks to my husband that is not the case. So to those who hurt me and such – I forgive the past, but I shall never forget. I just hope you have learnt from your own past.

As for those who love to hurt others and lead others on, it might give you a temporary joy…but you should try to not hurt others. There is enough pain in this world. To all my friends, I owe you guys some of the biggest thanks as well. No matter how little I have spoken to you, you have all touched my life in one way or another and I thank you for that. You have all helped me learn how to be a better person and I hope to share that kindness with everyone else I meet.

So when I started reflected, I was a little down about how I can’t see the love of my life right now…But after thinking on it quite a bit and reflecting, I came to realize how truly lucky I am. So I want to thank everyone for being themselves. You are all such amazing and nice people. ^^

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Update & Jaded

Hey guys!

Welcome back to another random blog/rant of mine. So let me catch you up. As you all know from my last post, I work for Curse. I am a Wiki Manager for them. When I wrote that last blog I was working on our Reckoning Wiki. Now I am working on our wiki for a new game, that is just in development. The game is called, Castle Story. I need to fix the css coding, as it is still very buggy/needs much improvement but feel free to go check it out! Castle Story Wiki ~ The best way to describe this game, is that it looks similar to MineCraft, however it is an RTS. ^^ So things with my job are going pretty well. Curse also released a League of Legends based website, that you should also check out and use. This site is called LoLPro.com. So that gives you guys the update in regards to my job.
Alright so when it comes to E-Sports and my involvement, I have been very busy. I had the pleasure of meeting 2 very nice gentlemen and have been working with them for the last 2 weeks in regards to casting. They go by ZanderFeverSc & Handfromabov. You guys should check them out and follow them. Anyhow, the 3 of us have been Tri-casting the Zotac Cup on Saturday’s lately. So it has been a very nice experience.

So now comes the rant. I posted in the title that I am Jaded. It is true, however I have yet to say about what. So I am going to refer back to an earlier blog. That blog will kind of lay the base for my rant for this particular post. So originally I told people that I was going to reapply for Riot Games, after that blog was posted. However, I did put it off quiet sometime. The last time I applied, I had a referral. I also applied for the position of “Community Manager” at that time. Now I got told how much experience the “Community Manager” position required. However, I met all the requirements on the website and still feel I would have been great for the job. As per that earlier blog, I had to wait for over a month to get ANYWHERE in the hiring process. I had to follow up with bothering people who worked at Riot, to figure out who to talk to or who to contact, to figure out what the status was. I eventually got very discouraged and posted about it on twitter, when I was out of state. Thankfully one person, helped push it along to whomever and I heard back later that week. When I heard back it was to take a test, which took sometime to get past the php errors. When I finally did get to do it, I treated it as a state test. I honestly hate guessing on tests. However they don’t really count those against you. I should have guessed instead of treating it more like a State Standard Test. I am pretty sure that I bombed that part of the process, cause later on I got the rejection letter.

So I decided to finally reapply in January this year, with some encouragement of friends. However, since I did reapply, I decided to go for something that I KNOW for FACT is right up my ally. This time I decided to apply for “E-Sports Coordinator”. This time I decided to NOT worry about having a referral, because it did me NO good the last time I applied. I sent in that application on January 23rd. It is now March 3rd…I have sent in a follow up email since then and still have heard nothing back. So at this point, I am very jaded in the idea of getting a job with Riot or to work for them. If all of that wasn’t bad enough, I now know at least 2 other people in the group that I hang out with, that both heard back on their application very fast. When I say fast, I mean within a week. One of them now works for Riot and the other has his interview with them, face to face, coming up… So with that being said, I am pretty upset and jaded. I must admit my disappointment and my defeat in this case. I’ve done all I can and I did try again, but as much as I love League of Legends, Riot and its employees, I don’t think I will apply ever again.

(For those who were curious about how my application looks or at least some of my experience:

Community Organization

  • Advisor for ICCup Tv (Now known as ESV Tv)
  • Tournament Organizer (Starcraft 1, Starcraft 2, League of Legends)
  • Organized & Hosts many events inside of Guild Wars
  • Event Coordinator (Blade Radio)
  • GoSc (Girls of Starcraft) Founder

Multiple Leadership Roles

  • Super Ladder Admin (ICCup)
  • Super Forum Admin (ICCup)
  • Super News Admin (ICCup)
  • ICCup Tv Advisor (ICCup)
  • Director’s Assistant (ICCup)
  • DotA Head Admin (ICCup)
  • Assistant Dj Manager (Blade Radio)
  • Dj Trainer (Blade Radio)
  • Production Manager (Blade Radio)
  • Event Coordinator (Blade Radio)
  • Community Relations (Blade Radio)
  • CEO Executive Assistant (Blade Radio)
  • Curse Wiki Manager (www.curse.com)
  • CEO & Founder of Girls of Starcraft (GoSc)

Mind you, that is just to begin with and just to give you a small idea of my experience.)

So that ends this update and rant. I hope you guys enjoyed reading! I will try to update more often. ❤

Until next time ~ Peace and good fortune to you!

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Update 1/21/12

Hey guys!

It has been a long time since I posted a blog on my personal blog page! So I decided to do so today. So what have I been up to in the time I haven’t written? Well in October last year (2010) I started working for Curse Gaming (Curse – www.curse.com) as a Wiki Manager. So what exactly does a wiki manager do?

* Add new content and information to wikis as applicable.

* Maintain a proper schedule to keep yourself available during business hours.

* Keep pages free of spam and offending materials.

* Build and improve templates on Curse wikis. (This included me having to learn CSS)

* Work on wiki promotions and work with the community to help drive traffic to Curse wikis. (I was also later assigned to taking feedback from the community on a few of our wikis to help see what they would like and what we could do better. I still do this :D)

* Manage user staff and direct them in a manner that coincides with the Fansite Manager Guidelines; designed by Curse.

It has been a pleasure to work for Curse thus far! Lets see if I can go over a few things, I started with one boss and then our wiki team acquired a new leader – Pawel – who is originally from Wikia and the founder of “The Vault”, which is a Fallout wiki. From my understand the knowledge and information he built up on there is so great that even the designers themselves may go to him if they have questions. 🙂 ~ What else can I tell you? Well lets see – I have made many new friends at Curse. So its been a lot of fun. Oh! I they also sent me a DS3 for Christmas! Let me tell you that it is sooooo cool! I will try to take pictures of that later on. Its a beautiful black and it came with a little Curse carrying case. So its very cool! So thank you for that, Curse. Wikis I have mainly worked on since I started working with them: Reckoning, SWTOR, Cabal (CSS Design), Smite (CSS Design), which I had to set aside and focus on other wikis and feedback from our Minecraft (English) wiki as well as the Guild Wiki (A Guild Wars wiki) & the PvX wiki (A place for builds for players from Guild wars – both PvE and PvP which is known as PvX). Anyhow~ Lets move onto the next topic!

Besides that there has been a lot go on in my life in regards to sc2! First off I’ve had a crush during all that time, but it has faded. Second off, my co-founder of GoSc and I, are no longer talking. There was a lot of disagreements and we could not agree on how to handle certain matters. So we parted ways. I still want to think of her as a friend, regardless of what I have heard her say behind my back. GoSc (Girls of Starcraft – A large girls only Starcraft group. This is for both SC:BW & Sc2) has grown to have over 300+ members! We also had our own weekly tournament for the ladies only. We will probably be restarting that soon! There was also the Zowie Divina tournament where we saw another caster really take her wings and fly towards her dreams. That lady is known as Livinpink, who got to cast along side the wonderful Kellymilkies. GoSc has also worked in partnering with other groups such as ESL and Z33k. We also got a new logo which is beautiful! Thankfully it is not to girly and its quite professional. We have a lot more in the works but that will all be shown in time!

In yet other news, I am still a writer for Team Dignitas. I am writing my Gamer Blogs for them, which are turning out fantastic! Team Dignitas picked up a League of Legends team quite a while back, that team is formally known as Rock Solid. However a friend who was in it, Jatt, has decided to retire. I knew Jatt from Guild wars time when he was in [Rawr]. It was a sad day to see him leave, however we do have a new member who has taken his place and seems to be doing fantastic. Besides that I have started doing commentaries again both for Starcraft 2 and for League of Legends. It is more fun then I remembered! I hope though to continue giving back to the community. It is something I love doing so much.

Oh I know what I forgot to tell you guys! I am now the CEO Executive Assistant at the online radio station (Blade Radio – www.bladeradio.com). I must say that those who have ran the station prior to me, have made it look easy, but it is one hell of a learning experience and I am so happy for it!

From about the time of August – December, I was basically a nanny for a child who has autism. It was very hard, but the child was an absolute sweet heart! I was happy that I could get him a Christmas present and give it to him before I had to stop being his nanny. Maybe one of these days, I will have the ability to tutor a little bit, that way I have an excuse to make sure he is doing well!

Well that almost covers everything I have done in the last couple months. The last things I have yet to mention is that I hit over 1000 wins on League of Legends, started playing Sc2 again, made a facebook fanpage and a liquipedia2 page, I  switched to twitch tv – instead of livestream and I try to stream every night. Well besides that I am doing well! I’m sorry it has been so long since I last posted a blog! I will try to post them more often for you guys! Thank you again everyone for all your support. You are all wonderful. I want you guys to know that I think every one of you are so wonderful and amazing. Please do yourself a favor and be who you want to be, not the person that those around you want to be. Also, dont EVER give up on your dreams. They are amazing. Until next time, take care and have an amazing day! ❤

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Gamer Blog #10: E-Sports and Women ~ A preview

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another Gamer Blog. In this blog I want to talk about E-Sports. There are so many games in E-Sports though, so lets talk about mainly Starcraft in general. First off lets recap a little bit about what has currently happened and what is happening in the community at this moment. Part of this will tie into the blog later on.

This weekend is Major League Gaming (MLG) Providance (Provi). I am sure quite a few of you already knew that though. So why should I mention it? What makes this time so much more important then the past MLGs? The Mayor of Providence, Angel Taveras, has declared Friday, November 18th to be Major League Gaming Day in Providence! IF that wasn’t enough for you the New England Patriots Running Back Stevan Ridley will be joining a host of MLG pro Call of Duty: Black Ops players in an expo match during MLG Providence. This is really big guys and then there is another event which is both touching and sad at the same time. Nine year old Austin, will be attending the event to play with some of his favorite pros as part of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. So if you guys go, please, do your best to make that little kid smile. Its sad to hear someone so young is challenged with more than just a zergling rush to face. I am so glad he will be getting his wish. However lets move onto the real topic of this blog.

Girls in Starcraft!

I know! This sounds outrageous! Normally people are like: “There are no girls online!” Some of you might even be tempted to make the long age old joke: “What is she doing out of the kitchen?” However, I assure you, not only are they are but they are kicking some butt and taking names. So lets move onto how are becoming more involved? How are they kicking butt and where?


Want to read more of this blog?…You’ll have to go to Team Dignitas website and read it there!

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