Rant #1

So here is the deal guys, today’s first blog will be a rant from me. Please know that this is going to be a very LONG rant. There is much to say and I will say as much of it as I can. I want to start this off by explaining a few things. For those of you who don’t know, I play League of Legends. My stats on my main account show as not ranked, because I either dont rank much (arranged 5v5) or I have tanked my rating (Solo Queue – 5v5). So with that being said, what I can say is based on the info I had when LoLBase did list normal ELO is that I was up to 1200 at one point. As time went on, I learned more and became more knowledge as a player. Since that point, I have learned to play better and I play with people who have an elo of 1400-1700. With that being said, they have told me multiples times that my elo is in their range or my higher elo friends say its like between 1400-1500. This I know is the case. After you have played any game for so long, you kind of get a feel for someone’s ranking and their level of play.

Alright so enough about that. Lets move on with this rant. I got a message on facebook yesterday regarding my skill and abilities as a Starcraft 2 player and caster. The message is as the following:

(Added for clarification: Please note that Rainbow_cuddles = Molly; I, the writer, am Tesla aka Lori)

So with that being sent to be, I decided to join the group. Later Molly and I spoke on Skype. I can not show you the parts where we actually spoke, nor can I try to type those out. Before I get into all that I want to say the reason behind this rant – The reason behind this rant is because Molly removed me from a group I belong in, because she did not like my opinion. Now the ironic thing about all of this, is that she was talking bad about another female in that group. Saying that female made a fool of themselves and was acting like an ambassador for female gamers. I won’t go more into that part of the chat, then saying exactly that. I also want to say that Molly feels because she is in the “Top 4th American Clan for League of Legends” that she has the “RIGHT” to tell people they are wrong constantly and make them feel like crap about this game. She is completely UNWILLING to believe that someone who isn’t at her elo might actually have the knowledge without being able to properly execute that knowledge. I mean look at casters in multiple games, you will see that 9 out of 10 times they have the game knowledge but can not execute any of it as well as those who they commentate about. Does this mean they don’t know what they are talking about? No. With that being said, it is time for the long logs and some screen shots so I can’t be accused of cutting anything out! (All 32 screen shots of skype are below the skype logs)


[6/2/2011 5:16:35 PM] Molly: Hi dj_tesla! Iā€™d like to add you on Skype. Molly
[6/2/2011 5:16:35 PM] Tesla: Tesla has shared contact details with Molly.
[6/2/2011 5:16:44 PM] *** Call to Molly ***
[6/2/2011 5:53:33 PM] Molly: http://i.imgur.com/8srCq.png
[6/2/2011 6:07:36 PM] Molly: o-o
[6/2/2011 6:14:31 PM] Tesla: ok
[6/2/2011 6:14:38 PM] Molly: hear me? :3
[6/2/2011 6:14:39 PM] Tesla: Ya
[6/2/2011 6:14:42 PM] Molly: sorry if my voice is raspy
[6/2/2011 6:14:45 PM] Molly: i’ve beent alking like 20 hrs straight
[6/2/2011 6:14:45 PM] Tesla: Sorry brother and sister being sooo noisey
[6/2/2011 6:14:48 PM] Tesla: nah you are fine ^^
[6/2/2011 6:14:48 PM] Molly: no its fine
[6/2/2011 6:14:58 PM] Tesla: ^^
[6/2/2011 6:15:00 PM] Tesla: Ok
[6/2/2011 6:15:44 PM] Molly: without trying to sound egotistical, i’m on the currently ranked 4th best team in the word. not many know as much about the game as me šŸ˜›
[6/2/2011 6:16:06 PM] Molly: it’s easy for people on reddit or forums to throw around crafttheory bull crap
[6/2/2011 6:16:08 PM] Tesla: XD
[6/2/2011 6:16:11 PM] Tesla: I know you know alot
[6/2/2011 6:16:13 PM] Molly: but none of it matters if they can’t get it to work
[6/2/2011 6:16:18 PM] Tesla: and I’m sorry if it sounds like I am challenging you
[6/2/2011 6:16:21 PM] Tesla: I just love Karma ^^
[6/2/2011 6:16:21 PM] Molly: no it’s fine
[6/2/2011 6:16:23 PM] Molly: you aren’t
[6/2/2011 6:16:26 PM] Molly: because you’re explaining
[6/2/2011 6:16:29 PM] Molly: and i like that about you
[6/2/2011 6:16:30 PM] Molly: ā™„
[6/2/2011 6:16:32 PM] Molly: it’s when people go
[6/2/2011 6:16:33 PM] Tesla: ^^
[6/2/2011 6:16:33 PM] Molly: LOL NOPE
[6/2/2011 6:16:34 PM] Molly: UR WRONG
[6/2/2011 6:16:35 PM] Tesla: xD
[6/2/2011 6:16:35 PM] Molly: BYE
[6/2/2011 6:16:36 PM] Tesla: Ok
[6/2/2011 6:16:38 PM] Molly: that pisses me off
[6/2/2011 6:16:42 PM] Tesla: Well..I at least try to explain
[6/2/2011 6:16:42 PM] Molly: but the fact that you’re defending your points
[6/2/2011 6:16:43 PM] Molly: is cool
[6/2/2011 6:16:49 PM] Tesla: and unlike others, I do actually want to learn
[6/2/2011 6:16:51 PM] Tesla: to get better
[6/2/2011 6:16:55 PM] Molly: yeah
[6/2/2011 6:16:57 PM] Molly: honestly with like
[6/2/2011 6:17:01 PM] Molly: 1-2 weeks of solid training
[6/2/2011 6:17:03 PM] Molly: you can probably get 1600
[6/2/2011 6:17:07 PM] Molly: what smurf do you want me to add you on?
[6/2/2011 6:17:08 PM] Tesla: I see..
[6/2/2011 6:17:13 PM] Molly: i can’t add you on imaqtpie
[6/2/2011 6:17:15 PM] Molly: my friends list is full
[6/2/2011 6:17:15 PM] Tesla: You can just add me on Teslachu
[6/2/2011 6:17:18 PM] Molly: k
[6/2/2011 6:17:23 PM] Tesla: I will remove someone off my friendslist XD
[6/2/2011 6:17:26 PM] Tesla: I have the same problem as you
[6/2/2011 6:17:27 PM] Tesla: roflol
[6/2/2011 6:17:33 PM] Tesla: lately my games have been horrible though
[6/2/2011 6:17:38 PM] Tesla: Like found 3 baby birds a while back
[6/2/2011 6:17:40 PM] Tesla: couple days ago
[6/2/2011 6:17:44 PM] Tesla: and sadly all of them died
[6/2/2011 6:17:46 PM] Tesla: last one died today
[6/2/2011 6:17:53 PM] Tesla: so its been sort of a hard week
[6/2/2011 6:18:12 PM] Tesla: So thats why I am apologizing about coming off rudely if that is the case
[6/2/2011 6:18:43 PM] Tesla: you rainbow?
[6/2/2011 6:18:49 PM] Molly: you aren’t rude šŸ™‚
[6/2/2011 6:18:51 PM] Molly: yes that’s me
[6/2/2011 6:18:57 PM] Tesla: kk
[6/2/2011 6:18:58 PM] Tesla: brb
[6/2/2011 6:18:59 PM] Molly: i can add you on my non-ranked smurf if you want
[6/2/2011 6:19:03 PM] Molly: but this was the one i just happened to be on
[6/2/2011 6:19:05 PM] Molly: i don’t play much anymore though
[6/2/2011 6:19:08 PM] Molly: other than the tournaments
[6/2/2011 6:19:18 PM] Molly: it’s just too time consuming to keep up with the solo queue meta AND the tournament meta
[6/2/2011 6:20:32 PM] Tesla: back ^^
[6/2/2011 6:20:35 PM] Tesla: Its ok šŸ˜€
[6/2/2011 6:20:43 PM] Tesla: I am not worried about which account
[6/2/2011 6:20:46 PM] Tesla: just making sure its you
[6/2/2011 6:21:10 PM] Tesla: like I only know what my elo is based on the people I play with and what they tell me
[6/2/2011 6:21:15 PM] Tesla: I mean maybe I am at average elo
[6/2/2011 6:21:19 PM] Tesla: but at least I try ^^
[6/2/2011 6:30:22 PM] Tesla: flash clairvoyance on janna? Cant hear a sec
[6/2/2011 6:30:22 PM] Tesla: sorry
[6/2/2011 6:30:23 PM] Tesla: irl
[6/2/2011 6:30:28 PM] Molly: it’s fine ;D
[6/2/2011 6:30:28 PM] Tesla: so I took headset off and muted
[6/2/2011 6:30:29 PM] Tesla: ok
[6/2/2011 6:30:38 PM] Molly: on janna
[6/2/2011 6:30:41 PM] Molly: you should go flash cv
[6/2/2011 6:30:43 PM] Molly: no exception
[6/2/2011 6:30:46 PM] Molly: cuz you need to flash ulti sometimes
[6/2/2011 6:30:49 PM] Molly: it can win you the game
[6/2/2011 6:39:06 PM] *** Call ended, duration 1:22:22 ***
[6/2/2011 7:30:58 PM] Tesla: ^^ So why have you been talking so long?
[6/2/2011 7:33:23 PM] Molly: lol just have
[6/2/2011 7:33:31 PM] Molly: i play primarily 2s in sc2
[6/2/2011 7:33:36 PM] Molly: so whenever i play i’m talking
[6/2/2011 7:33:38 PM] Tesla: lol..oh ok
[6/2/2011 7:33:39 PM] Molly: plus IRL
[6/2/2011 7:33:40 PM] Molly: so it’s like no down time
[6/2/2011 7:34:12 PM] Tesla: poor thing
[6/2/2011 7:34:25 PM] Molly: yeah :\
[6/2/2011 7:34:25 PM] Tesla: I should try to do some commentary tonight but now I feel pretty stupid at the game
[6/2/2011 7:34:31 PM] Molly: haha
[6/2/2011 7:34:33 PM] Molly: no not at all
[6/2/2011 7:34:36 PM] Tesla: lol
[6/2/2011 7:34:37 PM] Molly: sorry if i made you feel like that
[6/2/2011 7:34:40 PM] Tesla: No no no
[6/2/2011 7:34:53 PM] Tesla: I mean you helped me realize there is still so much I dont understand
[6/2/2011 7:35:04 PM] Tesla: and I want to get up to that level to understand and help others understand
[6/2/2011 7:35:04 PM] Molly: yeah
[6/2/2011 7:35:05 PM] Molly: as nicely as i can say it
[6/2/2011 7:35:07 PM] Tesla: just going to be very hard
[6/2/2011 7:35:08 PM] Tesla: -_-
[6/2/2011 7:35:12 PM] Molly: knowing not to ever, EVER use clarity
[6/2/2011 7:35:12 PM] Molly: is like
[6/2/2011 7:35:13 PM] Molly: base 1
[6/2/2011 7:35:22 PM] Tesla: Well I never really did like clarity
[6/2/2011 7:35:25 PM] Molly: if you aren’t using ghost/flash every game as at least 1 of your spells
[6/2/2011 7:35:31 PM] Tesla: but I got in a habit of using it cause of the teams I play with
[6/2/2011 7:35:33 PM] Tesla: -_-
[6/2/2011 7:35:37 PM] Molly: still
[6/2/2011 7:35:40 PM] Molly: has nothing to do with it
[6/2/2011 7:35:50 PM] Tesla: I also stopped using ghost/flash to work on my positioning
[6/2/2011 7:36:00 PM] Tesla: only recent have I started using them again, honestly
[6/2/2011 7:36:01 PM] Molly: you should use it to HELP with your positioning…
[6/2/2011 7:36:07 PM] Tesla: well its not that
[6/2/2011 7:36:11 PM] Tesla: its that I used them tooo much
[6/2/2011 7:36:13 PM] Molly: it takes months upon months of practice to realize that using flash should be a basis of your positioning
[6/2/2011 7:36:15 PM] Molly: no
[6/2/2011 7:36:16 PM] Tesla: like I would lose track of where I was
[6/2/2011 7:36:19 PM] Molly: wrong
[6/2/2011 7:36:21 PM] Tesla: and get out of position
[6/2/2011 7:36:25 PM] Molly: you need to have it in your key positioning
[6/2/2011 7:36:27 PM] Molly: you can use it to bait/etc
[6/2/2011 7:36:29 PM] Molly: so no
[6/2/2011 7:36:31 PM] Tesla: well ya
[6/2/2011 7:36:31 PM] Molly: your’e actually dead wrong
[6/2/2011 7:36:32 PM] Tesla: that I know
[6/2/2011 7:36:37 PM] Tesla: eh..
[6/2/2011 7:36:38 PM] Molly: lol not really
[6/2/2011 7:36:39 PM] Molly: no you dont
[6/2/2011 7:36:40 PM] Molly: cuz if you did
[6/2/2011 7:36:44 PM] Molly: you’d know you should be using it
[6/2/2011 7:36:44 PM] Tesla: idk how to explain to you what I know
[6/2/2011 7:36:47 PM] Molly: cuz it takes time to learn
[6/2/2011 7:36:50 PM] Molly: lol
[6/2/2011 7:36:51 PM] Molly: well
[6/2/2011 7:36:52 PM] Tesla: I know I should be using it and I have
[6/2/2011 7:36:53 PM] Molly: i know you dont šŸ˜›
[6/2/2011 7:36:55 PM] Molly: sorry just being honest
[6/2/2011 7:36:56 PM] Molly: look
[6/2/2011 7:36:59 PM] Molly: you don’t have to front
[6/2/2011 7:37:01 PM] Tesla: nvm
[6/2/2011 7:37:04 PM] Molly: i see people do this so much with me
[6/2/2011 7:37:16 PM] Tesla: Look I am not like others who just give you a speach
[6/2/2011 7:37:20 PM] Molly: lol
[6/2/2011 7:37:21 PM] Tesla: its part of why I play karma the way I do
[6/2/2011 7:37:22 PM] Molly: well you kinda are šŸ˜›
[6/2/2011 7:37:24 PM] Tesla: to bait people
[6/2/2011 7:37:26 PM] Tesla: into killing me
[6/2/2011 7:37:26 PM] Molly: i see ppl do that all the time
[6/2/2011 7:37:28 PM] Tesla: or coming at me
[6/2/2011 7:37:29 PM] Tesla: for a gank
[6/2/2011 7:37:33 PM] Tesla: I know the tactics
[6/2/2011 7:37:36 PM] Tesla: and I have used flash that way
[6/2/2011 7:37:38 PM] Tesla: in the past
[6/2/2011 7:37:42 PM] Tesla: to be agressive or defensive
[6/2/2011 7:37:43 PM] Molly: lol
[6/2/2011 7:37:44 PM] Molly: no
[6/2/2011 7:37:46 PM] Tesla: depending on the situation
[6/2/2011 7:37:47 PM] Molly: it takes months of practice
[6/2/2011 7:37:50 PM] Molly: sorry you’re wrong
[6/2/2011 7:37:50 PM] Molly: plus
[6/2/2011 7:37:53 PM] Molly: not using it
[6/2/2011 7:37:53 PM] Tesla: Everything takes practice
[6/2/2011 7:37:56 PM] Molly: stop for a second
[6/2/2011 7:37:56 PM] Molly: jesus
[6/2/2011 7:38:01 PM] Molly: and just listen
[6/2/2011 7:38:05 PM] Molly: you not using ghost/flash
[6/2/2011 7:38:07 PM] Molly: either or
[6/2/2011 7:38:08 PM] Molly: or both
[6/2/2011 7:38:13 PM] Molly: means you are not only not learning how to use it
[6/2/2011 7:38:20 PM] Molly: wait
[6/2/2011 7:38:25 PM] Tesla: I did learn how to use it and stopped to work on my personal positioning
[6/2/2011 7:38:27 PM] Molly: but you’re also instilling ‘mechanics’
[6/2/2011 7:38:28 PM] Molly: that are wrong
[6/2/2011 7:38:28 PM] Tesla: I relayed on them to much
[6/2/2011 7:38:30 PM] Molly: no you didn’t
[6/2/2011 7:38:30 PM] Molly: god
[6/2/2011 7:38:31 PM] Molly: just stop
[6/2/2011 7:38:33 PM] Molly: and listen for a second
[6/2/2011 7:38:42 PM] Molly: there is no way you mastered it already
[6/2/2011 7:38:45 PM] Molly: it takes month upon months
[6/2/2011 7:38:48 PM] Molly: to master it with -one- champion
[6/2/2011 7:38:51 PM] Molly: seriously
[6/2/2011 7:38:52 PM] Molly: just stop fronting
[6/2/2011 7:38:57 PM] Molly: people do this so often
[6/2/2011 7:38:59 PM] Molly: and it’s just annoying
[6/2/2011 7:39:01 PM] Molly: you don’t have to act
[6/2/2011 7:39:04 PM] Molly: like you know all this stuff
[6/2/2011 7:39:08 PM] Molly: cuz honestly if you did you’d be 1700
[6/2/2011 7:39:22 PM] Tesla: I never said I mastered it
[6/2/2011 7:39:24 PM] Tesla: NEVER said that
[6/2/2011 7:39:26 PM] Molly: you implied it
[6/2/2011 7:39:32 PM] Tesla: I said I have used it offensively and defensively
[6/2/2011 7:39:36 PM] Tesla: so I can understand what you are saying
[6/2/2011 7:39:37 PM] Molly: [Thursday, June 02, 2011 7:38 PM] Tesla:

<<< I did learn how to use it and stopped to work on my personal positioning
[6/2/2011 7:39:44 PM] Molly: you said it
[6/2/2011 7:39:46 PM] Tesla: I learned how to use it – anyone can use a skill
[6/2/2011 7:39:50 PM] Tesla: doesnt mean they use it correctly
[6/2/2011 7:39:51 PM] Tesla: now does it?
[6/2/2011 7:39:52 PM] Molly: just because you’re using it
[6/2/2011 7:39:56 PM] Molly: doesn’t mean you learned how to use it right
[6/2/2011 7:39:57 PM] Molly: seriously
[6/2/2011 7:40:03 PM] Tesla: Like I said – things I say, sometimes come out really wrong
[6/2/2011 7:40:10 PM] Molly: saying you learned how to use it is implying you know how to use it properly
[6/2/2011 7:40:18 PM] Molly: becuase the english language isn’t a negative connotation language
[6/2/2011 7:40:23 PM] Molly: so no
[6/2/2011 7:40:25 PM] Tesla: I said I have used it offensive and defensively, never said I was great at it or even if used it properly
[6/2/2011 7:40:27 PM] Molly: it didn’t come out wrong
[6/2/2011 7:40:27 PM] Molly: i know what you meant
[6/2/2011 7:40:32 PM] Molly: no you didn’t
[6/2/2011 7:40:32 PM] Tesla: or if I even did it at the right time
[6/2/2011 7:40:34 PM] Molly: you said you learned how to use it
[6/2/2011 7:40:35 PM] Molly: seriously just stop
[6/2/2011 7:40:37 PM] Tesla: ffffffffffff
[6/2/2011 7:40:38 PM] Molly: ur just annoying me now
[6/2/2011 7:40:43 PM] Tesla: this is why I hate talking about this stuff
[6/2/2011 7:40:45 PM] Molly: i know you’re trying to come off as someone who knows all this stuff
[6/2/2011 7:40:46 PM] Tesla: and you are annoying me to
[6/2/2011 7:40:54 PM] Tesla: I hate to be told constantly that EVERYTHING I know is wrong
[6/2/2011 7:40:56 PM] Tesla: I am not stupid
[6/2/2011 7:41:00 PM] Molly: but it is wrong
[6/2/2011 7:41:02 PM] Tesla: I know why and how, doesnt mean I have the excution down
[6/2/2011 7:41:07 PM] Molly: and i’m annoyed that you’re acting like you know these things
[6/2/2011 7:41:07 PM] Molly: when i know you don’t
[6/2/2011 7:41:08 PM] Tesla: I know that
[6/2/2011 7:41:13 PM] Tesla: fine
[6/2/2011 7:41:15 PM] Tesla: you know what
[6/2/2011 7:41:17 PM] Tesla: just ff
[6/2/2011 7:41:20 PM] Tesla: talk to you later I guess
[6/2/2011 7:41:31 PM] Tesla: you dont seem to understand that I have used the skill and learned it for my level
[6/2/2011 7:41:33 PM] Tesla: NOT yours
[6/2/2011 7:41:36 PM] Molly: lol
[6/2/2011 7:41:39 PM] Tesla: so I stopped to watch my positioning
[6/2/2011 7:41:40 PM] Molly: here is the thing
[6/2/2011 7:41:42 PM] Molly: and why you’re wrong
[6/2/2011 7:41:45 PM] Tesla: cause my level was getting me killed
[6/2/2011 7:41:48 PM] Molly: no
[6/2/2011 7:41:49 PM] Tesla: because I was always in the wrong place
[6/2/2011 7:41:50 PM] Molly: just listen for a second
[6/2/2011 7:41:55 PM] Tesla: you dont understand though
[6/2/2011 7:41:57 PM] Molly: if you haven’t mastered how to use flash yet
[6/2/2011 7:41:59 PM] Molly: NO I DO
[6/2/2011 7:41:59 PM] Molly: BECAUSE IW AS THERE
[6/2/2011 7:42:02 PM] Molly: DONT TELL ME I DONT UNDERSTAND
[6/2/2011 7:42:04 PM] Molly: HA HA HA
[6/2/2011 7:42:08 PM] Molly: BUT I WORKED
[6/2/2011 7:42:10 PM] Molly: AND KEPT USING FLASH
[6/2/2011 7:42:12 PM] Molly: BECUASE I KNEW I DIDN’T HAVE IT DOWN YET
[6/2/2011 7:42:13 PM] Molly: I DIDN’T SAY
[6/2/2011 7:42:17 PM] Molly: OK THIS IS GOOD FOR 1300
[6/2/2011 7:42:19 PM] Molly: SO IM GOING TO STOP
[6/2/2011 7:42:22 PM] Molly: AND THROW AWAY WHAT I LEARNED
[6/2/2011 7:42:27 PM] Molly: DONT TELL ME WHAT I UNDERSTAND
[6/2/2011 7:42:34 PM] Molly: i have over 3000 games played
[6/2/2011 7:42:50 PM] Molly: at my point i know my strengths and weaknesses
[6/2/2011 7:42:53 PM] Molly: and what i do and don’t understand
[6/2/2011 7:42:56 PM] Molly: and what i’m good and bad at
[6/2/2011 7:42:59 PM] Tesla: I never said it was good..I never said my ability to use it was good…I stopped using it cause I needed to focus on my positioning more. Now that I have, I am relearning to use flash/ghost again
[6/2/2011 7:43:02 PM] Molly: i didn’t get onto the top 4th team
[6/2/2011 7:43:03 PM] Molly: not understanding
[6/2/2011 7:43:05 PM] Tesla: To further work on that positioning
[6/2/2011 7:43:08 PM] Tesla: do you understand that?
[6/2/2011 7:43:13 PM] Molly: yes
[6/2/2011 7:43:14 PM] Molly: but
[6/2/2011 7:43:15 PM] Molly: you wont let me fucking talk
[6/2/2011 7:43:18 PM] Molly: cuz you keep on going
[6/2/2011 7:43:26 PM] Molly: what you fail to understand
[6/2/2011 7:43:30 PM] Molly: because you wont shut up and listen for 2 minutes
[6/2/2011 7:43:34 PM] Molly: is that when you STOP USING FLASH
[6/2/2011 7:43:42 PM] Molly: FUCK
[6/2/2011 7:43:49 PM] Molly: if i use flash for say
[6/2/2011 7:43:51 PM] Molly: ever
[6/2/2011 7:43:53 PM] Molly: cuz i should
[6/2/2011 7:43:53 PM] Molly: see
[6/2/2011 7:43:54 PM] Tesla: thats why I am relearning
[6/2/2011 7:44:01 PM] Molly: ur not listening
[6/2/2011 7:44:01 PM] Molly: lol
[6/2/2011 7:44:03 PM] Molly: u keep typing
[6/2/2011 7:44:04 PM] Molly: and it throws me off
[6/2/2011 7:44:07 PM] Molly: this is not a back and forth convo
[6/2/2011 7:44:11 PM] Molly: cuz u keep cutting me off
[6/2/2011 7:44:17 PM] Tesla: …
[6/2/2011 7:44:18 PM] Tesla: sorry
[6/2/2011 7:44:21 PM] Molly: yeah
[6/2/2011 7:44:22 PM] Molly: honestly
[6/2/2011 7:44:23 PM] Molly: it is sorry
[6/2/2011 7:44:24 PM] Molly: it’s real sorry
[6/2/2011 7:44:26 PM] Molly: it’s very BM
[6/2/2011 7:44:40 PM] Molly: it’s why i’m getting mad because you won’t let me finish what i have to say
[6/2/2011 7:44:48 PM] Molly: and it’s so freaking rude it’ sunreal
[6/2/2011 7:44:57 PM] Molly: you have to go on the automatic defensive half way through what i’m saying
[6/2/2011 7:44:59 PM] Tesla: I am not use to someone getting mad when typing cause you are interrupting them. Most people don’t get mad over that cause you can ignore what hte other person is saying and continue going.
[6/2/2011 7:45:11 PM] Molly: i shouldn’t HAVE TO IGNORE
[6/2/2011 7:45:14 PM] Tesla: you are right..naturally I am defensive, I’m sorry.
[6/2/2011 7:45:19 PM] Tesla: Just..Look I’m sorry.
[6/2/2011 7:45:20 PM] Molly: now let me fucking finish
[6/2/2011 7:45:21 PM] Molly: or im just done
[6/2/2011 7:45:26 PM] Molly: what you fail to understand
[6/2/2011 7:45:32 PM] Molly: in all your bullshit of trying to defend yourself
[6/2/2011 7:45:37 PM] Molly: is when you claimed that you know how to use flash
[6/2/2011 7:45:39 PM] Molly: (when you don’t)
[6/2/2011 7:45:44 PM] Molly: is that
[6/2/2011 7:45:49 PM] Molly: say you ‘do’ know how to use flash
[6/2/2011 7:45:52 PM] Molly: and you stop
[6/2/2011 7:45:55 PM] Molly: you start to play as if you don’t hav eit
[6/2/2011 7:45:58 PM] Molly: so when you go back to using it
[6/2/2011 7:46:03 PM] Molly: you are at a huge disadvantage
[6/2/2011 7:46:05 PM] Molly: because you don’t know all the little nuances
[6/2/2011 7:46:10 PM] Molly: of what you can/can’t get away with using it
[6/2/2011 7:46:13 PM] Molly: it’s why you see top players
[6/2/2011 7:46:17 PM] Molly: going either ghost/flash always
[6/2/2011 7:46:19 PM] Molly: like hsgg
[6/2/2011 7:46:20 PM] Molly: he’s a flash user
[6/2/2011 7:46:24 PM] Molly: reginald
[6/2/2011 7:46:26 PM] Molly: he’s a ghost
[6/2/2011 7:46:30 PM] Molly: everyone has their particular one
[6/2/2011 7:46:33 PM] Molly: becuase you have to know when you can and can’t use it
[6/2/2011 7:46:35 PM] Molly: but when you stop using it
[6/2/2011 7:46:40 PM] Molly: you forget what you can can’t get away with
[6/2/2011 7:46:44 PM] Molly: save me the i won’t forget bullshit
[6/2/2011 7:46:49 PM] Molly: because it will effect your play
[6/2/2011 7:46:52 PM] Molly: so you sitting here
[6/2/2011 7:46:53 PM] Molly: trying to tell me
[6/2/2011 7:46:54 PM] Molly: oh i know
[6/2/2011 7:46:56 PM] Molly: no you fucking dont
[6/2/2011 7:46:59 PM] Molly: because you stopped using it
[6/2/2011 7:47:08 PM] Molly: and on top of that
[6/2/2011 7:47:16 PM] Molly: the fact that you say you use clarity
[6/2/2011 7:47:22 PM] Molly: shows you don’t have an understanding of summoner spells
[6/2/2011 7:47:24 PM] Molly: even if you don’t use it anymore
[6/2/2011 7:47:32 PM] Molly: the only spells you should EVER run on karma
[6/2/2011 7:47:35 PM] Molly: is ghost/flash with cv
[6/2/2011 7:47:37 PM] Molly: no exception
[6/2/2011 7:47:39 PM] Molly: if you do anything else
[6/2/2011 7:47:41 PM] Molly: you’re -wrong-
[6/2/2011 7:47:42 PM] Molly: no exception
[6/2/2011 7:47:45 PM] Molly: -zero- exception
[6/2/2011 7:47:54 PM] Molly: this is why all you’ve been saying
[6/2/2011 7:47:57 PM] Molly: i honestly know is 100% bullshit
[6/2/2011 7:48:06 PM] Molly: of you ACTING like you know more than you do
[6/2/2011 7:48:10 PM] Molly: do you realize how long i’ve been playing this game?
[6/2/2011 7:48:12 PM] Molly: 2 years
[6/2/2011 7:48:14 PM] Molly: 3,000 games
[6/2/2011 7:48:14 PM] Molly: i’ve heard it all
[6/2/2011 7:48:16 PM] Molly: from my lower elo friends
[6/2/2011 7:48:21 PM] Molly: let me look @ my friends list
[6/2/2011 7:48:29 PM] Molly: on my smurf
[6/2/2011 7:48:31 PM] Molly: my main is full
[6/2/2011 7:48:32 PM] Molly: 300 with all high elos
[6/2/2011 7:48:35 PM] Molly: so it doens’t count
[6/2/2011 7:48:50 PM] Molly: i have 143 people on my friends list
[6/2/2011 7:48:59 PM] Molly: and i’d say about half of them
[6/2/2011 7:49:01 PM] Molly: try and act like they know more than they do to me
[6/2/2011 7:49:06 PM] Molly: because they feel like they have to
[6/2/2011 7:49:08 PM] Molly: and it’s just fucking annoying
[6/2/2011 7:49:16 PM] Molly: it’s the people who are geniune i like playing with
[6/2/2011 7:49:25 PM] Molly: becuase they don’t do all this crap to act like they’re better than they are
[6/2/2011 7:49:28 PM] Molly: and honestly
[6/2/2011 7:49:31 PM] Molly: i knew youw ould be one of them
[6/2/2011 7:49:36 PM] Molly: the moment you started spouting out about elo hell
[6/2/2011 7:49:50 PM] Molly: it’s just so annoying that so many people can’t be genuine with me
[6/2/2011 7:49:55 PM] Molly: becuase they feel like they have to be ‘on my level’
[6/2/2011 7:49:58 PM] Molly: when i have 3,000 games played
[6/2/2011 7:50:04 PM] Molly: and they all say the same thing when i call them out on it
[6/2/2011 7:50:07 PM] Molly: ‘oh well i’m not trying ot be’
[6/2/2011 7:50:08 PM] Molly: bull shit they are
[6/2/2011 7:50:15 PM] Molly: and it’s as bright as the sun is
[6/2/2011 7:50:19 PM] Molly: because i’ve seen it so often
[6/2/2011 7:50:26 PM] Molly: like with your karma build for example
[6/2/2011 7:50:27 PM] Molly: sorry hon
[6/2/2011 7:50:27 PM] Molly: but i know that’s wrong
[6/2/2011 7:50:34 PM] Molly: you can ask -any- 1.8k+ player
[6/2/2011 7:50:35 PM] Molly: even 1.7k+
[6/2/2011 7:50:37 PM] Molly: i’ll wait
[6/2/2011 7:50:38 PM] Molly: all day
[6/2/2011 7:50:41 PM] Molly: because none will say it’s good
[6/2/2011 7:50:43 PM] Molly: they’ll just laugh
[6/2/2011 7:50:46 PM] Molly: AP is only viable karma
[6/2/2011 7:50:49 PM] Molly: and you have to win early
[6/2/2011 7:50:55 PM] Molly: i even told you what the definitive best karma player thinks
[6/2/2011 7:51:09 PM] Molly: but you still went on about this new ingenius build
[6/2/2011 7:51:21 PM] Molly: and it only works because of the elo you’re at, playing well wins games
[6/2/2011 7:51:23 PM] Molly: not builds
[6/2/2011 7:51:43 PM] Molly: I can stack boots with a support champ at that elo and win
[6/2/2011 7:51:45 PM] Molly: the build has nothing to do with it
[6/2/2011 7:51:56 PM] Molly: so there
[6/2/2011 7:51:57 PM] Molly: i’m done
[6/2/2011 7:52:09 PM] Molly: i’m just so tired of hearing people always try and put themselves on my level
[6/2/2011 7:52:16 PM] Molly: this is the entire reason iq uit league honestly
[6/2/2011 7:52:22 PM] Molly: well one of the reasons
[6/2/2011 7:52:36 PM] Tesla: I am not trying to put myself on your level. I am trying to explain what I understand. If I can, I will show you one day.
[6/2/2011 7:52:41 PM] Tesla: I just wont say anymore on that.
[6/2/2011 7:52:50 PM] Molly: yes you are actually
[6/2/2011 7:52:52 PM] Tesla: Sorry for upseting you. I’ll leave you alone now. Thanks for the help.
[6/2/2011 7:52:52 PM] Molly: you may not realize it
[6/2/2011 7:52:52 PM] Molly: but you are
[6/2/2011 7:53:15 PM] Tesla: No, I am not. I told you things I say come out wrong and I constantly struggle for that not to happen.
[6/2/2011 7:53:22 PM] Molly: yes you are.
[6/2/2011 7:53:28 PM] Tesla: Regardless, please accept my apology and please take care.
[6/2/2011 7:53:32 PM] Molly: you trying to go on this long spiel about off tnka karma
[6/2/2011 7:53:38 PM] Molly: when i have over 3,000 games played
[6/2/2011 7:53:40 PM] Tesla: Sorry again for upsetting you. I wasnt trying to upset you.
[6/2/2011 7:53:41 PM] Molly: and on the 4th ranked team in the US
[6/2/2011 7:53:45 PM] Molly: i know what builds do and dont work
[6/2/2011 7:53:48 PM] Tesla: That is great.
[6/2/2011 7:53:49 PM] Molly: and honestly for most people i know
[6/2/2011 7:53:51 PM] Molly: they’ll just say
[6/2/2011 7:53:56 PM] Molly: yeah ok i trust you
[6/2/2011 7:53:57 PM] Molly: but tell me why
[6/2/2011 7:54:01 PM] Molly: but no you jsut want to keep on going on about it
[6/2/2011 7:54:09 PM] Molly: and even past that with like the flash
[6/2/2011 7:54:13 PM] Molly: you’re just wrong
[6/2/2011 7:54:17 PM] Tesla: Because I know Karma is great. I have used Flash on her.
[6/2/2011 7:54:19 PM] Molly: you don’t know how to use it properly if you’re not always using it
[6/2/2011 7:54:31 PM] Tesla: I am so sick of you CONSTANTLY saying that everything is wrong in this whole conversation.
[6/2/2011 7:54:31 PM] Molly: and hotshotgg will tell you that himself
[6/2/2011 7:54:37 PM] Molly: because it is wrong
[6/2/2011 7:54:44 PM] Tesla: I’m sorry for upsetting you. However I am going to go now. I have dinner to cook.
[6/2/2011 7:54:45 PM] Molly: you think maybe you’re at 1200 elo because of you and not your team?
[6/2/2011 7:54:46 PM] Molly: and not elo hell?
[6/2/2011 7:54:49 PM] Tesla: Take care and again I’m sorry.
[6/2/2011 7:54:50 PM] Molly: this is why people say elo hell
[6/2/2011 7:54:55 PM] Molly: because they don’t want to take responsibility
[6/2/2011 7:55:08 PM] Tesla: I dont care why they say elo hell or whatever else. I dont play competively.
[6/2/2011 7:55:14 PM] Tesla: I just commentate and play for fun.
[6/2/2011 7:55:15 PM] Molly: rofl
[6/2/2011 7:55:17 PM] Molly: being competitive
[6/2/2011 7:55:17 PM] Tesla: BIG difference
[6/2/2011 7:55:18 PM] Molly: has nothing to do with it
[6/2/2011 7:55:21 PM] Molly: yeah i play for fun too
[6/2/2011 7:55:22 PM] Tesla: Yes it does.
[6/2/2011 7:55:28 PM] Molly: i’m just able to improve
[6/2/2011 7:55:31 PM] Molly: because i take advice
[6/2/2011 7:55:45 PM] Molly: and dont place blame on others
[6/2/2011 7:55:48 PM] Molly: saying elo hell elo hell
[6/2/2011 7:55:52 PM] Molly: and going
[6/2/2011 7:55:54 PM] Tesla: You aren’t the one constantly being told you are wrong. When all you are told is you are wrong, you wont be so happy either.
[6/2/2011 7:55:56 PM] Molly: “well you’re just saying everything is wrong’
[6/2/2011 7:55:58 PM] Molly: i’ll ask why it’s wrong
[6/2/2011 7:56:02 PM] Molly: instead of just going
[6/2/2011 7:56:03 PM] Molly: “nope it’s right because of this”
[6/2/2011 7:56:15 PM] Molly: right
[6/2/2011 7:56:22 PM] Tesla: I never said it was right. I have said this is what works for me, this is based on what I know and my experience.
[6/2/2011 7:56:25 PM] Molly: [Thursday, June 02, 2011 7:55 PM] Tesla:

<<< You aren’t the one constantly being told you are wrong. When all you are told is you are wrong, you wont be so happy either.
[6/2/2011 7:56:27 PM] Tesla: I’m sorry its not good enough for you and your team
[6/2/2011 7:56:35 PM] Molly: you think maybe people arne’t telling me i’m wrong, because i’m not and i’ve paid my dues?
[6/2/2011 7:56:40 PM] Molly: ROFL
[6/2/2011 7:56:42 PM] Molly: YOU DIDN’T LISTEN
[6/2/2011 7:56:43 PM] Molly: TO A WORD I SAID
[6/2/2011 7:56:49 PM] Molly: HA HA
[6/2/2011 7:56:52 PM] Molly: I LOVE HOW YOU BRING MY TEAM INTO IT
[6/2/2011 7:56:57 PM] Tesla: You keep saying
[6/2/2011 7:56:57 PM] Molly: IT’S BAOUT YOU CAN STACK 6X BOOTS AT 1200 ELO
[6/2/2011 7:56:58 PM] Molly: AND WIN
[6/2/2011 7:57:07 PM] Molly: JUST BECAUSE IT ‘WORKS’
[6/2/2011 7:57:10 PM] Molly: DOESN’T MEAN ITS RIGHT
[6/2/2011 7:57:10 PM] Molly: LOL
[6/2/2011 7:57:12 PM] Molly: IM DONE
[6/2/2011 7:57:13 PM] Molly: YOU’RE SO IGNORANT
[6/2/2011 7:57:14 PM] Molly: -DONE-
[6/2/2011 7:57:16 PM] Tesla: You keep saying
[6/2/2011 7:57:20 PM] Tesla: you have the right to tell me I am wrong
[6/2/2011 7:57:27 PM] Tesla: based on your team rank, based on how hard you work

Screen shots ~ Instead of posting 32 links, I have uploaded the image from facebook and all 32 screen shots from skype into a photobuckets album. So here you go: http://s29.photobucket.com/albums/c279/Kotori_Muto/Molly%20and%20Tesla/

IN GAME CHAT: (Please note I do NOT have this on screen shot cause I was really upset yesterday so I simply copied it, saved it and closed the chat)

Please remember that Riot employees will never ask for your password when assisting you.
Rainbow Cuddles (6:38): i’m gonna go for a while >_> my voice is killing me
msg me when ur game sover ;D
(6:44): good
once you can afford your philo + ward + a few potions
be hyper aggressive
to use those potions
that way you can recall & get your gear
just some meta gameplay
again sry my game advice probably isn’t what you should look for. lol
(6:50): heh yeah. i love it when people go ‘omg y did u not call mia?”. because i’m 2100 elo and watch my map… lol
it’s just not in my nature to call MIA because I know the very second anyone goes mia and know the timers on every buff if i see it die. lol
i’d be calling a mia every 3 seconds. lol
why are you playing 4v5 if it’s an inhouse?
(6:54): lol
need me šŸ˜‰
(7:02): doing another? =3
Teslachu (7:03): xD
gotta call my dad first and see if he really wants meatloaf for dinner
anyhow cs was really bad that match
Rainbow Cuddles (7:03): your goal as janna is 0 cs.
Teslachu (7:04): really?
0 cs?
Rainbow Cuddles (7:04): mmhm
Teslachu (7:04): o.O
Rainbow Cuddles (7:04): brb
Teslachu (7:04): I spent so much time learning to cs months ago
now to not cs
Rainbow Cuddles (7:04): ok back
Teslachu (7:05): wb
Rainbow Cuddles (7:05): yeagh
since janna doesn’t need items
the less the better
Teslachu (7:06): I see
Rainbow Cuddles (7:10): when streaming
you should use shiftwindow
it will recenter your window to be full screen
even if it’s windowed
this way you don’t have any bars on the top
Teslachu (7:13): shiftwindow
I have heard of that before
Rainbow Cuddles (7:13): op
Teslachu (7:13): though I should just resize the stream
so it doesnt show that
Rainbow Cuddles (7:13): every single league of legends streamer who is popular uses it
no need
it does it for you
Teslachu (7:19): ok
I will look into it
I have got to learn to not alt+tab so much
but being borderline adhd doesnt help(8:20): So did you remove me or ignore me on skype?
I owe you a big apology. You are right..I am wrong.
Rainbow Cuddles (8:21): I removed you. I felt you would head in that direction when I heard you start talking about elo hell, because I’ve been playing this game a long time and the only people who preach about elo hell are those who aren’t capable of accepting the fact that they’re wrong
and big surprise I was right
and yes I was saying you were wrong alot
Teslachu (8:21): I honestly dont want to fight with you.
Rainbow Cuddles (8:21): because big surprise
you’re non-ranked. you’re going to be wrong more times than not
Teslachu (8:21): I would like you to understand that I cant stand being told constantly how “wrong” I am.
I do try very hard and have worked very hard. Further more, I want you to know that a person can understand some basic game mechs without being mastered at it
Rainbow Cuddles (8:22): that doesn’t make it any less true though. if you don’t like it, then you shouldn’t CHOOSE to have discussions with someone who is ranked top 200 in the world about strategy and try and push strategies on me that i know are wrong and i tell you they’re wrong
that is irrelevant to this conversation
so i have no idea why you said that
Teslachu (8:23): I am just apologizing.
I honestly didnt want to fight with you.
Rainbow Cuddles (8:23): actually no you’re trying to save face
Teslachu (8:23): No.
I dont care if you like me or hate me.
Rainbow Cuddles (8:23): else you wouldn’t have tried to add that snarky last bit
about mechanics
yes you are
Teslachu (8:23): No, that was my opinion. I am very opinionated.
I will state my opinion to the end.
Rainbow Cuddles (8:24): that’s not an opinion that’s a fact
Teslachu (8:24): Doesnt matter if I am sorry or not.
Well then its a fact, whatever.
I am sorry to have been so disagreeable and to have fought with you though.
Rainbow Cuddles (8:24): and actually
Teslachu (8:24): You seem like a very nice person.
Rainbow Cuddles (8:24): saying no it was my opinion
is a split sentence
and don’t think i didn’t catch that
Teslachu (8:24): a split sentence?
I dont understand
what is a split sentence?
Rainbow Cuddles (8:25): trying to defer me saying that you were adding something about the snarky coments
which you did
by saying you were stating an opinion
yeah you did
but you added it for no reason
to try and further defend what you said earlier
which was 100% pure wrong
you weren’t apologizing
Teslachu (8:25): your comment about me trying to save face was snarky then to.
Rainbow Cuddles (8:25): you are trying to save face
i’m not stupid
Teslachu (8:25): No.
Rainbow Cuddles (8:25): no it wans’t
Teslachu (8:25): I am not trying to save face.
Rainbow Cuddles (8:25): i’m done
Teslachu (8:25): Ofc you are
Now I must say that based on everything there, why is it that she removed me from the Starcraft 2 females only group on facebook? Did it have something to do with sc2 ? No.. It was a personal reason she removed me and it was wrong. I was one of the first female casters for sc2. I am a female who plays, casts and organizes tournaments for sc2 and yet I got removed because she doesn’t like my opinion? That is pretty wrong.

About Tesla

My name is Lori but most people know me as Tesla. I play video games, cast them and host tournaments/events. Want to know more about me? Then just ask ^^. http://www.bladeradio.com
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28 Responses to Rant #1

  1. ralateK says:

    Hi Tesla,

    I read your whole rant and it feels like junior high all over again.

    This girl was trying to -force- her advice on you without listening to why you played the way you do. Both of you got mad somewher in the middle and you tried to stop the convo without success.

    I feel like the community is already not too welcomming to girls so having this attitude towards eachother isn’t exactly helping. Advice to girls from a guy, like always, but anyhow I think that you are a good role-model and that you are handeling this situation really well. Ignoring Molly is probably a good strat

    Gamer loyalty first!
    /sc2 lurker

    • Tesla says:

      Hello Ralatek,

      Thank you for taking the time to read the rant. I’m sorry it feels like junior high all over again, to you. I am not worried that she was trying to “force” her advice on me or that we both disagreed. I am just upset that I was removed from the Sc2 group, as I was one of the first female casters for that game. The gaming community is not as welcoming as it could be towards female players, however her attitude does not help that situation. I would like to help support other female players and help support the growth of the community over all, but that requires support itself. It also requires being able to let go of silly little things like a small disagreement. Thank you again for your support!

      Best regards,

  2. LoLplaya says:

    lol just wanted to say
    I played with her
    and she started the game with the same bs rant about how she’s all super high elo and junk… lol

    most obnoxious gamer i’ve ever played with…

  3. Bird says:

    Please contact me on LoL if you can, my IGN is “That Bird”
    I’ve had worse issues with this person.. Even after 1 year after I deleted her and moved on, she changed her username and came back to pretend to be someone else and ended up harassing me AGAIN. I never met anyone on this game as immature and.. ugh, there are no words to describe the wrong in this person.

    And what she doesn’t know is, I record everything. And to back all that up, I even have a guy on my list that she paid to raise her ELO. He ended up deleting and blocking her because he did the same crap to him, then told me to be careful of her. It was too late for “careful” though. Already put up with shit from her.

    • Tesla says:

      I am so sorry you have had some problems with her. I think I added you on LoL, but I never got around to posting a reply back. So as soon as the servers come back up, I will be happy to double check and we can talk there – If you would like someone to just listen to you rant and understand how it feels to be in that situation. I hope things have gotten better for you.

  4. Brandon says:

    This girl has to be insane. There is absolutely no possible way she is on the “4th best team” when no one has ever heard of her before (I follow the competitive scene EXTENSIVELY). Also her claiming that one of her accounts was “Imaqtpie”? That is the AD carry player for Dignitas (a man with long hair, but alas, not a girl). It really bothers me that you got treated this way as a relatively new player. If you ever want some tips/play some games with a decent player who loves this game feel free to add me.

    IGN: CozeOne

    • Brandon says:

      CozenOne* oops

    • Tesla says:

      Thank you so much for that offer. As for the Dignitas player – I know. I use to be Dignitas staff. So I am quite aware of who she is not, despite what she claimed in that chat. I will have to wait till the servers are back up, but I will be happy to add. Even if it is nothing more than maybe someone to go play a match with šŸ™‚

  5. felyria says:

    Hey, I just had the misfortune of meeting Rainbow Cuddles too. I feel you all. I don’t understand how she isn’t banned..

    • Tesla says:

      I’m sorry you feel that way. As for Riot and people not being banned, I ask myself almost daily how some people aren’t banned. I am sure they have many complaints and only x amount of people to work on them. I will say though, that if it is bound to happen – it will happen eventually. It is just a matter of time.


    It’s funny because most of what she writes is incorrect, so much for 2.1k elo, I’m sorry she’s part of your gender :<

    • Tesla says:

      Well its possible that people make mistakes. I do not know what her real elo is/was at that time. I do not know if what she said was true or not – I have not really re-read this blog or even given it much thought till the Reddit thread post. I think its better that I simple ranted about it and moved on.

  7. Essenceofevil says:

    Hell tesla. I really want to hit this girl with a hammer. That is all. Keep being yourself – you tried to take a super passive stance and calm down someone who was raging at you for TEACHING YOURSELF TO BE A BETTER PLAYER and she BLEW UP. Jesus. Keep going like your going.

    • Tesla says:

      Thank you for the words of encouragement. I have never had any thoughts of being anyone other than me – After all, if I’m not going to be me, who is? šŸ™‚

  8. Thegardnerd says:

    My mouth is agape. How does this person…. is real? WORDS FAIL!

  9. Stef says:

    Ugh, I just read the whole thing and it was horrible. She’s sounds like a terrible person. Just remember that you don’t need to be around people like that. Just stay away from her and you’ll be all the more happier because of it. Given her attitude her advice is of no use to you anyway.

    • Tesla says:

      I am not sure she is a terrible person. Her actions towards me were just terrible. There is a slight difference in my mind. I agree that I don’t need to be around people like that – which is why I am not. I am not happy with how things turned out, as I had originally thought I found a new friend. However I am happy that I could learn from the experience. Everything in life should be taken as a learning experience. ^^

  10. Fanatisme says:

    Hi Tesla,
    I read your whole rant and I’m sorry for you. This girl is so rude, so self-centered, that it looks surreal. Continue to try your best to learn to be better in League Of Legends, I don’t think her tips could help you. Practice and analysis are the best way, I think.

    • Tesla says:

      Thank you so much. I have improved quite a bit since then. I am not where I would like to be yet, but I have improved alot. Thank you for the words of encouragement. šŸ™‚

  11. A Wild Piplip says:

    This was really hard to read. I have a friend who acts like this, except he isn’t ranked, and he doesn’t play on a normal level much higher than me. How can any human being act so immaturely. Not everyone learns the same, not everyone improves the same way… It’s something people need to understand, and she needed to stop being so hyper aggressive with you. I can’t believe how many times she just told you to “shut up and listen” all while claiming to try to help you.

    • Tesla says:

      Well to be honest, life happens. I hope your friend is much nicer honestly. After all, you do call them your friend. šŸ™‚ ~ As for improving and learning differently – That is true. I kept to that practice style for quite a while until I felt I had worked on my positioning enough. In the end it paid off for me. As for being told to “shut up and listen” many times, I did not like that. However, life happens. ^^

  12. lotte says:

    It’s a mystery to me why you didn’t ignored her instantly, the way she spams would really piss me off…

    But just wanted to say, that it was a good idea to improve your positioning, by not using flash nor ghost. You’ll often get into situations, where it would have been down, so it’s good to train for those.

    • Tesla says:

      Well I did not ignore her because I honestly wanted to learn. I know it sounds silly to not use ghost or flash for a period of time, however my problem back then was I relied on them far to much. So I needed to force myself to have no escape skills, so that I could improve my positioning. Now I play with flash most of the time. Though I can play a decent support without any escape, depending if its a premade team and I trust them to play smart. šŸ˜€

  13. Kenny says:

    I bet she paid for her elo. lmao. Ignore bigots like her! There are too many elo-elites in the game. You don’t need to worry about that ish!

  14. Harvo says:

    I had a run in too with her. Very stuck up and we talk about reporting her. She pulled the ‘I know riot’ card and posted a link about it. Which I thought was a bannable offense there. I am not part of this community, but they were in the same game http://www.aureusknights.com/showthread.php?6314-Today-we-made-some-pro-mad =D. And the thought of ghost of a alternate then flash on Janna O.o.. Eh. I main the support role, and play a bit top and mid. =D But thats a year old post so your prob my level(I make a few mistakes still >.> ) Ign Harvo

    • Tesla says:

      She never pulled a riot card on me. Then again maybe she did during the time we were talking on skype. I don’t remember honestly. I wouldn’t have cared considering the fact that I also have friends at Riot. (Not trying to name drop or anything; Just being blunt and honest).

      I would never think of running ghost on Janna – Not then and not now. I use flash most of the time on supports. I now play Support, Ranged Ad and Ap Mid. Anyhow I have added you in game. Thank you so much for the support!

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