vTv – News & Disappointment

So not even 2 days after I was assigned as vTv Clan Leader, has stuff already gone south! Let me do a really quick recap of everything:


6/2/2011 ~ JoeKim had a hidden admin account and abused with it.
Result ~ JoeKim Perma Ip Banned from ICCup & Removed from vTv. Tesla is assigned as new Clan Leader.


6/2/2011 – 6/3/2011 ~ Clean up mess with vTv being in the wrong team. Make sure vTv does not fall subject to the red x rule for CL. Explain to all members what happened with JoeKim & why he was removed. Remove JoeKim’s access to all vTv stuff. Change vTv. bot to have the greet msg for up coming CL. Inform all members via facebook chat about up coming CL. vTv Clan Chat already had a post made about the CL. Setup Scan as Co-Leader of vTv. JoeKim decides to start a blog on Teamliquid blaming ICCup, Messer and Gecko – Accusing them of abuse. His Blog was in response to ICCup.Nina’s blog about people need to stop hating on ICCup.

* ICCup.Nina’s Blog ~ iCCup is a fascist server? I think not.

* Former ICCup.JoeKim/vTv.Joekim’s Blog ~ JoeKim vs iCCup


6/4/2011 ~ CL was today; Was unable to show up – was up late, not feeling well. Was asked at like 5 am this morning if I would cast & stream the Korean Only Tournament hosted by ICCup on 6/5/2011 at 4 am my time. Agreed to cast it if they couldn’t find anyone else to cast it. Picked up a co-caster, ICCup.Gu-Val. Very nice guy to work with. Missed CL and came back to Scan lecturing me on how I am not doing my job as a Clan Leader. He said I never told ANYONE about the CL. This turns into a huge flame war, basically.

This is what happened, Scan decided to start a little flame war on iccup ~ vTv Leadership Change


Here is basically what happened before that/up to that point/after that point:





So finally after the drama and stuff that Scan started on ICCup Forums, I finally decided I was done with vTv. I gave him leadership of the clan, gave him the info for vTv. and I quit the clan. This was the last thing I said in the facebook group before I left it and gave him admin rights.


So that ends the rant for today!




About Tesla

My name is Lori but most people know me as Tesla. I play video games, cast them and host tournaments/events. Want to know more about me? Then just ask ^^. http://www.bladeradio.com
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