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So about 1-2 days ago I saw some interest messages on twitter.



With seeing those tweets I started working on some lists for Romulus. I was lucky to know Adam a bit before he got hired at Riot. He is a very nice guy, so I figured it would be something cool to do. To help him and the community so I gave him the following links:

Standard ARAM Rules
Standard/Some Banned ARAM Items

Now these lists were based on the numerous times I have played ARAMs with friends and based on what I knew as the rules vs what they said. These are the rules that pretty much everyone on the server (that I have encountered) has seemed to agree to follow during an ARAM. So over last night I pulled a friend aside and told him I was working on trying to come up with some ideas to help Romulus some more. I explained the situation and asked him if he would mind going into a custom match with me, thankfully he was kind enough to oblige.


After a few hours we came to the conclusion of what we thought needed to be done. First off let me recap on notes and our thought process here.


So for an ARAM (All Random, All Middle) we knew right away that there were a few things that would need to be changed off the bat. First off since this was an all random game, all mid game we wanted to make sure that the middle lane was focused on like it should be. However we needed to take many things into account. According to the information I was given, they want to make this a mode where it is 20 minutes or less. This is a very tough thing to achieve. After thinking on it for quite a while my friend and I agreed that a new map might be good, but would require to much time. Also would take away from what summoners were already comfortable. We thought that Twisted Treelines might be a good map for such a mode as well, except that it has no middle lane. So we agreed that the best way for this to work would have to be on Summoners Rift.

With that being agreed upon we then had to look at a champion individually. In a standard game of 5v5, we know that the normal length of the match is between 20 minutes – 60 minutes. So we averaged a normal game length to be between 30-45 minutes. We then had to look at every type of champion and look at what their champion would have by that point. Then we scaled back by 15 minutes to determine what would be considered a more early game item vs a more mid game item. With that being said we can assume that by 30 minutes into a normal 5v5 match, that an ashe would have an Infinity Edge; A Lux will probably have a death cap; A Tank has some tanky items, etc.. So half way through the game they should have most of these items to build towards that really great item. Now in an ARAM being able to get that amazing item is harder. Why? You can’t go back when ever you want to shop and you can’t farm like you could in a normal match.

With that being taken into account we had to figure if an ARAM should be about 20 minutes or less, what was the goal by about 10 minutes? What kind of items should each type of champion be able to get? Lets break down the numbers on this:

In a normal 5v5 match – a champion will gain 7 gold every 5 seconds. 60 seconds (basically one minute) has 12 increments of 5 seconds. So we must now take that 7 gold and multiply it by 12 times, to see how much gold a champion gains passively in a match. The answer is: 84 gold per minute.
This is not including special rune setup for extra gold or even masteries. Now lets take that 84 gold and multiple it by 10 minutes. so 84 * 10 = 840 gold. Now please note this is the rate you gain passive gold at. This does not include minion kills, champion kills, turrets being killed or even special buffs (IE: Dragon/Baron).

Now lets take a look at the mid laner. Let us say that mid laner is someone like Ashe. Now every creep wave is consistent of 6 minions (3 casters & 3 melee). Every 3rd minion wave has a 7th minion added. This minion is a cannon minion. Now at the start of the game the gold rate of the minions are as followed:

Caster Minion = 16 gold if last hit
Melee Minion = 22 gold if last hit
Cannon Minion = 27 gold if last hit

Now let us assume that the Ashe player is amazing and able to last hit every minion up to the 3:25 minute marker.
3 caster minions per wave/2 per minute = 6 caster minions per minute * 3 minutes = 18 caster minions
3 melee minions per wave/2 per minute = 6 melee minions per minute * 3 minutes = 18 melee minions
1 cannon minion per/per 1 1/2 minutes = 1 cannon minion = 1 cannon minion by 3:25
12 caster minions * 16 gold per = 192 gold
12 melee minions * 22 gold per = 264 gold
01 Cannon Minion * 27 gold = 27 gold
Now if you add all that up (Please remember – this is by 3:25 into the match), your total is: 483 – just for last hitting minions; This does not include your passive gold gain.
Your passive gold gain  by 3:25 into the game equals:
7 gold * 12 times in a minute = 84 gold * 3 minutes =252 gold + (5 times * 7 gold) = 287
So you get 287 gold + 483 for last hitting every minion up to that point = 770 gold.
Now as you know the chances of someone last hitting every minion is very slim. So lets say that you only end up being able to last hit 8 out of the caster minions and 8 out of your melee minion and the one cannon minion, that means your total gold earned in last hits equals: 331
8 * 16 = 128
8 * 22 = 176
128+176+27 = 331
331 gold for last hitting + 287 gold for passive gain = 618 gold. This is what it looks like in a real match, for a 1v1 in mid lane. Now take into account that in an ARAM, which means the amount of gold a champion can earn is decreased by a lot. The same happens to the amount of exp gained. So with that being taken into account the only thing that would fix this to help balance the game out for an ARAM and even a quick one at that is to speed up the amount of gold given for passive, to a large number. The amount of exp received by champion kills and minion kills would also need a large buff. The reason you need to buff the amount of exp received is so that all champions in mid lane can ideally reach level 6 by the 6 minute marker. This sets the game mode for very fast pace. It will also become a challenge for all those in the match. Not only will it challenge a players ability to know the champion they are playing, but it will challenge them to think faster and out side of the box. It will also challenge a player to know their opponents and use that knowledge against them. It will challenge them to choose wisely for the best item to help them end the game faster.


At this point I must take a break from writing this all up. I have been writing this all up for about an hour or so. I will come back to writing this in a bit after a short break. I hope you guys enjoyed all the explanations up to this point. ^^



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