The Darkwill Tournament – Top 16 Teams Announced

Hey there guys!

So I have The Darkwill Tournament coming up. This is a League of Legends Tournament which is ran by me. So here is some information on it:

Hello Fellow Summoners!

I am pleased to announce The Darkwill Tournament which is being brought to you through the conjoint efforts of:,, The League of Legends Staff, The Gaming Collective (TGC) Clan and myself. We would like to invite you to participate in this 5v5 tournament.

Tournament Style: Single Elimination
Team Type: 5v5
Game Type/Map Type: Custom Game / Summoner’s Rift / Draft Mode
How Many Bans Per Team: 3 ~ So 6 in total. These must be decided upon before the match; A Tournament admin & The Team Captains will all talk about this at the start of round 1, before any matches start.
Registration Period: 5/23/2011 – 6/15/2011 (Subject to change; Latest Registration period will be 6/20/2011)
Tournament Dates: 6/24/2011 & 6/25/2011
Tournament Starts At: 5 pm pst
Check-In Starts At: 3:00-3:30 pm pst
Check-In Lasts Till: 4:50 pm pst
Max Teams To Compete: 16
No max for backup teams

Requirements To Be Eligible To Play In This Tournament:
1.) Must be a level 30 summoner on the North American Server
2.) Teams must be premade and have 1 back up player. Rules about how the backup player will work are listed further below.
3.) No ELO requirement; However, as the period of registration goes on higher ELO teams will be picked over lower ones.
4.) Must follow all rules set forth by RiotGames & the rules listed below
5.) Must download LoLReplay and have it running in the background. Every Team is asked that after their match they email in their replay. Email address to send replays to:

1.) Must be a mannered player. Any form of bad manner, trash talking or excessive (un-needed) talking in all chat can and will likely result in the whole team being disqualified.
2.) Must be willing to download LoLReplay and run that during the Tournament to allow replays to be sent in, so we may verify the win/loss vs a team; As well as for possibly commentary purposes.
3.) When signing up to play in the tournament, all members of the team must have their summoner name listed.
4.) Team Rules & Back up Players:
*** A – Each team will actually consist of 6 players; 5 main players and 1 back up player. If the team only has 5 players and a member for that team does not show up, then the team will be disqualified and replaced with a back up team.
*** B – The point of a back up player is in case of an emergencey. The members of the team that played the placing match are the only ones that will win the prizes listed below. That means only 5 members of the team will have a chance to win a prize.
*** C – If the back up player is used, they can not replace the alternate player for the original team mate. Once a back up player is made to play a match, that is the final team setup.
5.) Each Team participating in Tournament will have only 1 1/2 hours before the tournament to check in. All members MUST be present during check in. Back up teams should also check in at this time in case they are needed.
6.) If a team is not checked in by 10 minutes before the tournament is due to happen, then they will be replaced with a back up team.
7.) Only the Team Captain may post registration for their team.
8.) You must register with the following site and post the registration information in the following location:…ournament.html
9.) Have fun

Stream Information: (Please note that this is a Blade Radio page and not a League of Legends page. This page was specifically designed for the tournament & entertainment purposes only)

Registration Information Required:
1.) Team Name:
2.) Clan (If applicable):
3.) Members of the team as followed
*** A.) Team Captain:
*** B.) Summoner #2 – #5:
*** C.) Back up Summoner:
4.) Do you and all the members of your team agree to uphold and follow all rules, regulations and terms of agreement as set forth by RiotGames & The Tournament Organizers?

Prizes (Subject to change, for the better ):

1st Place: $20 RP + Triumphant Ryze + Champion Skin Bundle (Whatever the next release will be) per player + $5 (Will be transferred via paypal, curtsy of TGC)
2nd Place: $15 RP + Champion Skin Bundle (Whatever the next release will be) per player
3rd Place: $10 RP + Champion Skin Bundle (Whatever the next release will be) per player
4th Place: $10 RP per player

Sponsors / Supporters

Click image for larger version Name:	GamerGaia.png Views:	17 Size:	6.0 KB ID:	178841

Click image for larger version Name:	BladeRadiobigger.png Views:	20 Size:	51.3 KB ID:	178840      Click image for larger version Name:	TGCSmall.png Views:	19 Size:	48.4 KB ID:	178842

Top 16 Teams

~~~ Top 16 Teams ~~~

Calm Trollers
The Grape Train

Dumps Like a Truck
Unrestricted E-Sports

Shaco Squad
Get Out Played

Well Fed
Severity Gaming

Yordle Snap Trap
Team SoL

Walking Paradox
Team oGaming

Oriental Gaming
Team G Spam

Honestly U Guys?
Ult Together

~~~ Back Up Teams ~~~

Workout 4 APM
Eat Stuff and Disco
Store Brand Danger
Feint Gaming
Troll Face
The Corner
Team 4th Place
This is a Family
Terminus Venatus Triumphus

~~~ Disqualified Teams ~~~

Reason: Disqualified – 2 low level summoners (Under level 30)

Reason: Disqualified – 2 names wrong; Accent not listed / unable to find Prodigal’s info


About Tesla

My name is Lori but most people know me as Tesla. I play video games, cast them and host tournaments/events. Want to know more about me? Then just ask ^^.
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