Rant #3

Hey guys!

So here comes another fun rant. Today’s rant is about the “paralegal” who also works for the same legal service as me. Let me start this rant off with stating that due to the fact that I do work part time for a lawyer I will not be using any real names of people or anything. This way I can’t get in any trouble or people can’t get mad at me.


So I have been working for this legal service, part time for the last year or so. I fill in for a woman who gets the ability to use the job title “Paralegal” and gets paid the amount of a paralegal, but NEVER does the work of a paralegal. In fact she refuses! Its been so bad that the lawyer has gone through great lengths to teach me what he can so I can be of more help. This woman though continuously screws him and the company over. Now I am going to say that the lawyer I work for is a really amazing guy. He is in his 60s and takes care of his brother and sister. He also helps take care of a lot of people in his family. He happens to be a really relax guy with a great sense of humor. He will let you do almost anything in the office as long as work is getting done. This guy has been an amazing boss. So seeing this woman treat him and company they way she does, is very frustrating. She takes off all the time she can get and pushes her vacation days. She will make sure know one else knows how to do her job, that way nothing can really get done when she is gone. If that wasn’t worse enough she isn’t straight forward about what she is going to do.

She was planning to be gone this week and part of next week. So on Monday she called me and asked if I could come in sometime after 1 pm and stay the rest of the time till it was time to close. I explained I did not think I would be able to, due to lack of transportation (as well as a few other things). Now I knew I had to come in Wednesday and work then. From about 8:30 am till about 4 pm. So here is what happened –
Basically I went to bed around 1:00 am – 1:30 am last night. I got up at 6:30 am this morning and laid in bed till 6:45. I then got ready for work, chatted a bit on skype before work and then left the home. I had to walk to work, which pretty much sucked but so goes life. I left home around 7:30 and made it into the office by 8:10 am. When I arrived at the office the lawyer told me that I wasn’t suppose to come until the afternoon today. He said that she wasn’t leaving till the afternoon and that she had called to tell me this.
My first reaction “Wait…what? When did she call me?”. Of course I did not say this. I told him about the call I got on Monday. When the second lawyer came into the office today they talked about it. This was after the first lawyer (my boss) had asked me to do the filing of cases for him. They had been backed up – 2+ weeks worth of cases. After an hour I had almost ever case done and explained how the files looked. Seems that there is not just enough room for everything. So he starts complaining about the paralegal like how she gets paid the same amount a paralegal gets paid because of how long she has worked here, but she REFUSES to do the same work a paralegal would. I asked him, I kid you not “Then why do they keep her around when there are many others willing to do the job and willing to learn it? I mean shit, excuse my language, I would be willing to learn to. At least I do the job. There was no reason for those cases to not be filed. They didn’t take that long”. He simply agreed with me and explained how she failed to keep the office running the way she was suppose to, which is why he had to move out to this town and buy a house out here. Its pretty messed up but that is how she is.


Well there you go – my rant about the paralegal who isn’t really a paralegal. She has worked at this location for 25+ years so they pay her the amount of a paralegal, even with all the crap she pulls. Makes no sense at all. End rant.


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One Response to Rant #3

  1. grouchytheoscar says:

    she sounds awful!! 😦 sorry to hear about that…they should really do something, it’s not like she has tenure or something (and even if she did, I think her behavior would constitute just cause)… but hopefully your boss will recognize what a good worker you are, and how you always come through when she doesn’t! ^_^

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