Official Statement about unR’s Disqualification

For those who have asked about why unR was disqualified allow me to show you:
< – That was the bracket. However they constantly wanted to use players who were NOT on their list. We are not ok with this. We have told many players and teams that we would not allow them to add a new member to the roster. We allowed name fixes and even switches between who was a main player and who was a back up summoner. However we would not allow someone new to play on the roster.

Now what occurred with unR is that they signed up for the tournament. They never said “yes” to agreeing to the rules. We then couldn’t find their players. There were about to be disqualified when we found out that they had done a name changes to their players, we asked for an update: < – post which at one time did not say “yes” – nor did it have those players listed. The original post was the following:

However as you can see the names are all wrong so later I asked for the update:

Their Response:

I wrote down only those names, because that was the updated “list of player names” that I had asked for. So today during part 2 of the tournament (Semi-finals & finals), there were missing a player. They did mention they would be playing in the NESL. According to them, their game started at 9 pm EST. Where as our tournament started at 8 pm EST. I offered to check about post ponying the semi-finals till Monday night. That I could see if the other team would be ok with that. The leader of unR said there was no need, that he had a team of like 10 players. I said, ok and great. I did not bother to pull up their roster because I was very tired. So I thought that ment they would have more than enough players for both tournament. When I to my pc today, to run the final bit of the tournament I came back to find this among my emails:

With that being said, we went forth with setting up for the semi-finals. Then it came down to unR having no 5th. This is what happened in chat – please read very carefully.

^– Please note:
“unR Aranium: is ginormous noob on our list?”

^– Please note:
“Teslachu: no ginormous is not”

^– Please note:
“Teslachu: unR do you know how long till you have a 5th”
(It was about 5:34 pm pst around this time)
“unR Aranium: “yes we’re getting him right now”
(waited about 1-2 minutes)
“Teslachu: Where is their 5th?”
“unR LiQuiD112: Ginormous Noob is on”

^– Please note:
“unR BruiseLeet: yea it’s listed in our roster -link-”
Instead of the link here is the direct screen shot of that post – Please look at the lower right hand corner and notice the edit date. As you saw earlier the post is clearly not the same and had edits done during the time the tournament was to start/was running. This was far to late for teams to be adding on new players. I told many teams such.
Screen shot:…duringtournament.jpg

Please note then that this was the ORIGINAL post:…ginalpost-signup.jpg

The link they tried to give me (which was an edit to the original post – please pay attention to date at the bottom right hand corner where is says “edit”)

Due to their unsportsmanlike behavior and clear attempt to pull a fast one over the organizers of this tournament, I disqualified them. The team they last fought was Calm Trollers. Since they were not around at the time of the disqualification of unR, they were simply awarded fourth place. Severity Gaming was given a walk over as well. I hope this explains to those who were asking questions why, but this is why unR was disqualified. Thank you for all those who participated in this event, for those who were understanding and were patient through out the event. Congratulations to all the teams and players. You all played fantastically! I hope to see you at the next Darkwill Tournament

Official statement on the Darkwill Tournament Forums on GamerGaia:

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