Gamer Blog #1

As of Tuesday June 28th, 2011, I was happy to post my first Gamer Blog for Team Dignitas. Let me give you a small taste of what it looked like:


Gamer Blog #1
I would like to take a moment and welcome all the readers to the first edition of The Gamer Blog. So what exactly is The Gamer Blog or more precisely what is it about? Well The Gamer Blog is a weekly article that will be written by me about the gaming community in general. This means if something goes on in an esports game, it might get mentioned in this blog. This is will cover some general news, thoughts and various other things going on during that week’s post. If there are some juicy rumors, you might find them mentioned as well! So if you love esports as much as anyone at Team Dignitas does, then sit down and be ready to sink your mind into some good articles.



About The Writer
So I guess I should say a quick bit about the write, so you guys know who is writing this or even a little bit about the person writing this blog. I will start this off by saying “Team Dignitas Fighting!” cause I am a big Team Dignitas fan. Second off my name is Lori, but most people know me under the name Tesla and know me for what I have done in different gaming communities. I also happen to be known because of the silly pikachu voice I can do. Over the years I have gone by so many names over the last few years. Those names include: Dj Tesla, ICCup.Tesla, Dignitas\Tesla & Teslachu. Since I have many variations of the name, I have found it easier to use Tesla for any where or any game. I currently 22 years of age and a citizen of the United States. I am an active gamer, commentator, event organizer and now writer. This blog is where I get to inform you of what is going on and sometimes throw in my 2 cents worth on what I think of that certain topic. With that let us get to this week’s main topic ~ Game: Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberity.


For the rest of the blog, please read the team’s web page:


I think you won’t be disappointed. ^_^


About Tesla

My name is Lori but most people know me as Tesla. I play video games, cast them and host tournaments/events. Want to know more about me? Then just ask ^^.
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