Little Knight Amumu Skin & a Broken Headset?!

So welcome guys to another random Tesla blog!

So tonight I decided to hang out with from friends from twitter: @Zekethe1st @Agito029 @RiotSerif & Mister_e_s who helps mods Diggity’s stream. Well Mister_e_s seems to love Amumu to no end. To the point that it is like a life and death love for him! If he can’t have amumu, no one can! Anyhow, Mister_e_s found a new Amumu skin listed on the list of skins and was freaking out over “Little Knight Amumu”. It was so bad that some of conversations, during a match would be:

Mister_e_s: “Do you know whats awesome?”

Tesla: “No what?”

Ed (Agitoo): “Little Knight Amumu”

Mister_e_s: “Little Knight Amumu”

It got so bad that we went to play a match with Riot Serif and during the match he kept saying things like “The answer to life is – Little Knight Amumu.”

Anyhow, so after the match Mister_e_s is freaking out wanting to ask Serif about when the release of the Little Knight Amumu skin is, I told him to leave him alone and not to bother him with work. I also said he probably couldn’t say. He finally leaves the end game lobby and I decide to ask Serif. I explain I understand if he cant say anything in regards to the skin. So one of the guys tell this to Mister_e_s – next thing we know we hear the mic hit the ground and one of the guys joke about him throwing his headset. It turns out that Mister_e_s did actually throw his $150 headset. It broke so badly that he is having to hold it together at the moment. I must admit that I feel sorry that he broke his headset over how badly he wants that skin, but at the same time we all laughed so hard our guts almost burst. So I just had to share that with all of you. Oh, before I forget Mister_e_s says I was ruthless for bringing this up so much, but we all know he was the one who was ruthless towards that poor defenseless headset. SAVE THE HEADSETS! On another note, I must say this has been the best night ever.Apparently he really wants that skin. So much so that he would go camp out the offices of Riot.

“Do you know what the answer to life is?” – Tesla
“Little Knight Amumu”
– Mister_e_s


About Tesla

My name is Lori but most people know me as Tesla. I play video games, cast them and host tournaments/events. Want to know more about me? Then just ask ^^.
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