Something Inspirational

Hey guys!

So as some of you know, I have been a bit down lately, however you have all been so wonderful. I have received many messages on facebook, twitter, skype and even on this blog site. So thank you everyone for your support. I figured I’d write something a bit more inspirational, just so you all know that I will be ok and that this is just like when you try to ride a bike. You might fall a few times, but you never give up! A saying I love to live my life by is:

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.” – Confucius

Songs that fit the way I feel sort of lately, since the news I received:

In fairy tales people talk about a phoenix being reborn out of its own ashes. In this case the ashes would be that of rejection and things that stand in your way. The Phoenix is a person’s feelings and their dreams. So today’s picture of the day, is going to be a phoenix! Why? The reason is because the Phoenix is passionate, strong, independent, beautiful, unique and never gives up. It is a sign of how even death can not stop it (at least in stories I have heard) ^_^


About Tesla

My name is Lori but most people know me as Tesla. I play video games, cast them and host tournaments/events. Want to know more about me? Then just ask ^^.
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