On Going Stream Joke

Hey guys!

So I finally got around to posting another personal blog. This one is about an on going joke on Diggity’s stream. If you dont tune into him yet, you should! www.twitch.tv/diggitysc <- Tune into this guy 10 pm pst every night. He’s a great guy! With that being said, lets get right into this blog!

The joke goes as followed:

The image you are about to see, might be shocking. It might even scare you and you have all right to be alarmed. This is a picture of the C.O.R.E Group. A group who calls themselves the “Council Of Ruining Esports”








Casted in this image:

Mordekaiser = Endrian
Tryndamere = Diggity
Pantheon = X/David
Amumu = Mr e s
Karma = Tesla
Caitlyn = Navi
Signed = Janook
Leona = Moletrap


About Tesla

My name is Lori but most people know me as Tesla. I play video games, cast them and host tournaments/events. Want to know more about me? Then just ask ^^. http://www.bladeradio.com
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