Update 1/21/12

Hey guys!

It has been a long time since I posted a blog on my personal blog page! So I decided to do so today. So what have I been up to in the time I haven’t written? Well in October last year (2010) I started working for Curse Gaming (Curse – www.curse.com) as a Wiki Manager. So what exactly does a wiki manager do?

* Add new content and information to wikis as applicable.

* Maintain a proper schedule to keep yourself available during business hours.

* Keep pages free of spam and offending materials.

* Build and improve templates on Curse wikis. (This included me having to learn CSS)

* Work on wiki promotions and work with the community to help drive traffic to Curse wikis. (I was also later assigned to taking feedback from the community on a few of our wikis to help see what they would like and what we could do better. I still do this :D)

* Manage user staff and direct them in a manner that coincides with the Fansite Manager Guidelines; designed by Curse.

It has been a pleasure to work for Curse thus far! Lets see if I can go over a few things, I started with one boss and then our wiki team acquired a new leader – Pawel – who is originally from Wikia and the founder of “The Vault”, which is a Fallout wiki. From my understand the knowledge and information he built up on there is so great that even the designers themselves may go to him if they have questions. 🙂 ~ What else can I tell you? Well lets see – I have made many new friends at Curse. So its been a lot of fun. Oh! I they also sent me a DS3 for Christmas! Let me tell you that it is sooooo cool! I will try to take pictures of that later on. Its a beautiful black and it came with a little Curse carrying case. So its very cool! So thank you for that, Curse. Wikis I have mainly worked on since I started working with them: Reckoning, SWTOR, Cabal (CSS Design), Smite (CSS Design), which I had to set aside and focus on other wikis and feedback from our Minecraft (English) wiki as well as the Guild Wiki (A Guild Wars wiki) & the PvX wiki (A place for builds for players from Guild wars – both PvE and PvP which is known as PvX). Anyhow~ Lets move onto the next topic!

Besides that there has been a lot go on in my life in regards to sc2! First off I’ve had a crush during all that time, but it has faded. Second off, my co-founder of GoSc and I, are no longer talking. There was a lot of disagreements and we could not agree on how to handle certain matters. So we parted ways. I still want to think of her as a friend, regardless of what I have heard her say behind my back. GoSc (Girls of Starcraft – A large girls only Starcraft group. This is for both SC:BW & Sc2) has grown to have over 300+ members! We also had our own weekly tournament for the ladies only. We will probably be restarting that soon! There was also the Zowie Divina tournament where we saw another caster really take her wings and fly towards her dreams. That lady is known as Livinpink, who got to cast along side the wonderful Kellymilkies. GoSc has also worked in partnering with other groups such as ESL and Z33k. We also got a new logo which is beautiful! Thankfully it is not to girly and its quite professional. We have a lot more in the works but that will all be shown in time!

In yet other news, I am still a writer for Team Dignitas. I am writing my Gamer Blogs for them, which are turning out fantastic! Team Dignitas picked up a League of Legends team quite a while back, that team is formally known as Rock Solid. However a friend who was in it, Jatt, has decided to retire. I knew Jatt from Guild wars time when he was in [Rawr]. It was a sad day to see him leave, however we do have a new member who has taken his place and seems to be doing fantastic. Besides that I have started doing commentaries again both for Starcraft 2 and for League of Legends. It is more fun then I remembered! I hope though to continue giving back to the community. It is something I love doing so much.

Oh I know what I forgot to tell you guys! I am now the CEO Executive Assistant at the online radio station (Blade Radio – www.bladeradio.com). I must say that those who have ran the station prior to me, have made it look easy, but it is one hell of a learning experience and I am so happy for it!

From about the time of August – December, I was basically a nanny for a child who has autism. It was very hard, but the child was an absolute sweet heart! I was happy that I could get him a Christmas present and give it to him before I had to stop being his nanny. Maybe one of these days, I will have the ability to tutor a little bit, that way I have an excuse to make sure he is doing well!

Well that almost covers everything I have done in the last couple months. The last things I have yet to mention is that I hit over 1000 wins on League of Legends, started playing Sc2 again, made a facebook fanpage and a liquipedia2 page, I  switched to twitch tv – instead of livestream and I try to stream every night. Well besides that I am doing well! I’m sorry it has been so long since I last posted a blog! I will try to post them more often for you guys! Thank you again everyone for all your support. You are all wonderful. I want you guys to know that I think every one of you are so wonderful and amazing. Please do yourself a favor and be who you want to be, not the person that those around you want to be. Also, dont EVER give up on your dreams. They are amazing. Until next time, take care and have an amazing day! ❤


About Tesla

My name is Lori but most people know me as Tesla. I play video games, cast them and host tournaments/events. Want to know more about me? Then just ask ^^. http://www.bladeradio.com
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