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Hey guys!

Welcome back to another random blog/rant of mine. So let me catch you up. As you all know from my last post, I work for Curse. I am a Wiki Manager for them. When I wrote that last blog I was working on our Reckoning Wiki. Now I am working on our wiki for a new game, that is just in development. The game is called, Castle Story. I need to fix the css coding, as it is still very buggy/needs much improvement but feel free to go check it out! Castle Story Wiki ~ The best way to describe this game, is that it looks similar to MineCraft, however it is an RTS. ^^ So things with my job are going pretty well. Curse also released a League of Legends based website, that you should also check out and use. This site is called LoLPro.com. So that gives you guys the update in regards to my job.
Alright so when it comes to E-Sports and my involvement, I have been very busy. I had the pleasure of meeting 2 very nice gentlemen and have been working with them for the last 2 weeks in regards to casting. They go by ZanderFeverSc & Handfromabov. You guys should check them out and follow them. Anyhow, the 3 of us have been Tri-casting the Zotac Cup on Saturday’s lately. So it has been a very nice experience.

So now comes the rant. I posted in the title that I am Jaded. It is true, however I have yet to say about what. So I am going to refer back to an earlier blog. That blog will kind of lay the base for my rant for this particular post. So originally I told people that I was going to reapply for Riot Games, after that blog was posted. However, I did put it off quiet sometime. The last time I applied, I had a referral. I also applied for the position of “Community Manager” at that time. Now I got told how much experience the “Community Manager” position required. However, I met all the requirements on the website and still feel I would have been great for the job. As per that earlier blog, I had to wait for over a month to get ANYWHERE in the hiring process. I had to follow up with bothering people who worked at Riot, to figure out who to talk to or who to contact, to figure out what the status was. I eventually got very discouraged and posted about it on twitter, when I was out of state. Thankfully one person, helped push it along to whomever and I heard back later that week. When I heard back it was to take a test, which took sometime to get past the php errors. When I finally did get to do it, I treated it as a state test. I honestly hate guessing on tests. However they don’t really count those against you. I should have guessed instead of treating it more like a State Standard Test. I am pretty sure that I bombed that part of the process, cause later on I got the rejection letter.

So I decided to finally reapply in January this year, with some encouragement of friends. However, since I did reapply, I decided to go for something that I KNOW for FACT is right up my ally. This time I decided to apply for “E-Sports Coordinator”. This time I decided to NOT worry about having a referral, because it did me NO good the last time I applied. I sent in that application on January 23rd. It is now March 3rd…I have sent in a follow up email since then and still have heard nothing back. So at this point, I am very jaded in the idea of getting a job with Riot or to work for them. If all of that wasn’t bad enough, I now know at least 2 other people in the group that I hang out with, that both heard back on their application very fast. When I say fast, I mean within a week. One of them now works for Riot and the other has his interview with them, face to face, coming up… So with that being said, I am pretty upset and jaded. I must admit my disappointment and my defeat in this case. I’ve done all I can and I did try again, but as much as I love League of Legends, Riot and its employees, I don’t think I will apply ever again.

(For those who were curious about how my application looks or at least some of my experience:

Community Organization

  • Advisor for ICCup Tv (Now known as ESV Tv)
  • Tournament Organizer (Starcraft 1, Starcraft 2, League of Legends)
  • Organized & Hosts many events inside of Guild Wars
  • Event Coordinator (Blade Radio)
  • GoSc (Girls of Starcraft) Founder

Multiple Leadership Roles

  • Super Ladder Admin (ICCup)
  • Super Forum Admin (ICCup)
  • Super News Admin (ICCup)
  • ICCup Tv Advisor (ICCup)
  • Director’s Assistant (ICCup)
  • DotA Head Admin (ICCup)
  • Assistant Dj Manager (Blade Radio)
  • Dj Trainer (Blade Radio)
  • Production Manager (Blade Radio)
  • Event Coordinator (Blade Radio)
  • Community Relations (Blade Radio)
  • CEO Executive Assistant (Blade Radio)
  • Curse Wiki Manager (www.curse.com)
  • CEO & Founder of Girls of Starcraft (GoSc)

Mind you, that is just to begin with and just to give you a small idea of my experience.)

So that ends this update and rant. I hope you guys enjoyed reading! I will try to update more often. ❤

Until next time ~ Peace and good fortune to you!


About Tesla

My name is Lori but most people know me as Tesla. I play video games, cast them and host tournaments/events. Want to know more about me? Then just ask ^^. http://www.bladeradio.com
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One Response to Update & Jaded

  1. shawn says:

    =[[ i am sorry to hear about that… i hope u will continue to play league!! we need to play together sometime….just keep up what u are doing maam… someone will see the glory that is Lori and sweep u off ur feet (job wise) haha.. =]]

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