A Reflection

Today I sat down and thought about older memories. One that once made me still upset or a bit angry, from the pain I was inflicted onto me. I thought of all the times I had been hurt and all the times I had been made to smile. During this period, I also thought of all the times I fell in love or that my hear got broken. I thought of how many times I’ve cried and just how hard hard it was to let go of such things…. But that was how I use to react in the past.

Recently I have seen posts on facebook from people who I cared for at one time. Now this is not to say I don’t still care, just not in that same form or manner. Anyhow, as I saw their posts, I decided to do something stupid and silly… I clicked on their profile and checked out how their lives have been going. There are some people I feel sorry for, because things didn’t work out between us. Now I don’t feel sorry that they didn’t work out, because I am very happy with who I am, but I feel sorry that we ended up getting hurt or that one person got hurt while the other was spared. This is why I feel sorry. It is not out of pity. It is simply because as As I’ve gotten older, over the past 3 years, I have come to believe that everyone deserves happiness. Now this doesn’t mean a happiness that would hurt or harm another, but a nice kind of happiness. The one that warms a persons heart or makes you smile without realizing it. It is the kind of happiness that has the ability to make others around you happy at the same time.

I am not sure why I decided to write these thoughts down and share them with the world to read, but I figured it would be a good idea. So to all those who have ever liked me – I’m sorry if I ever hurt you. It was unintentional (unless you knew me in middle school – At which point, I am sorry I was like that back then.) To all those exes of mine, very few of you are on talking terms with me….this we all know is true. For those who are, I thank you for your friendship…It is precious and dear to me. In regards to certain exes who really hurt me, you know who you are… You may have hurt me then, but those wounds have healed thanks to an amazing guy. One person I dated, hurt me worse than any of the others…I thought his pain would control my life and how I was going to live it, but thanks to my husband that is not the case. So to those who hurt me and such – I forgive the past, but I shall never forget. I just hope you have learnt from your own past.

As for those who love to hurt others and lead others on, it might give you a temporary joy…but you should try to not hurt others. There is enough pain in this world. To all my friends, I owe you guys some of the biggest thanks as well. No matter how little I have spoken to you, you have all touched my life in one way or another and I thank you for that. You have all helped me learn how to be a better person and I hope to share that kindness with everyone else I meet.

So when I started reflected, I was a little down about how I can’t see the love of my life right now…But after thinking on it quite a bit and reflecting, I came to realize how truly lucky I am. So I want to thank everyone for being themselves. You are all such amazing and nice people. ^^


About Tesla

My name is Lori but most people know me as Tesla. I play video games, cast them and host tournaments/events. Want to know more about me? Then just ask ^^. http://www.bladeradio.com
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